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facebook ap. i have a facebook account and i'm using ilike to add music. why don't your create an application (maybe you did and i missed...
...f you don't have an account, [url=]create one now[/url].) after you name and describe your acco
.... (you will need an account there to do this. don't panic, it's free and uploading there won't affect the cc license.) enter your
...ile that takes into account the number of ratings as well or some such zaniness. (hahah, and i really hope this post doesn't resu
...splays the ccmixter account as 'artist name'... ...wouldn't it be correct to display the fullname as defined in the account's pro
... they use their own account to do that they are filtered out by the no self-remix rule. in this situation, by all means, create a
...([i]updated as each account is manually created[/i]) [url=]porchcat[/url] ([b]picked
... you create another account in an attempt to rate yourself we will know because ratings not anonymous to the admins who run the site
...risk of having your account banned from the site even if it turns out the track ultimately had no problems. and no, we don't sit
...cote d'ivoire as an accountant foreign operation department. in the discharge of my duty, i stumbled on this domiciliary account t
... can't anyway in my account to activate it and i can't reach the admin on this site.
admin email was down sorry about that but if you tried to contact the admin account (or me, victor) on monday march 27 then there's a goo...