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Wed, Nov 30 7:43 AM The fog society review of Hide by ikimasu
Tue, Nov 29 3:16 PM fourstones review of The Same But Different by gurdonark
well, you already know how I feel about putting process in front of musical resu...
Tue, Nov 29 12:05 PM fourstones review of Everyday People by Minus Kelvin
this is simply awesome.
Tue, Nov 29 11:59 AM fourstones review of Panic Attack (Feat. Colin Mutchler+Dr.Concotion) by EdShift
Tue, Nov 29 11:53 AM fourstones review of "Sliding Cavern" (Deep Green Mix) by lethal
I wish we had more IDM like this on the site. This is really beautiful.
Tue, Nov 29 11:46 AM fourstones review of I Think I Started a Trend - MC Jack in the Box mix by MC Jack in the Box
(I've been bad, I need to get over to your remix album and give it a whirl) T...
Tue, Nov 29 11:39 AM fourstones review of Girl and Supergirl (Futurepop Mix) by vertigo
It's been a while since I've heard a 'straight ahead' version of this -- I like ...
Tue, Nov 29 11:32 AM fourstones review of stf vs Lisa DeBenedictis - girl and supergirl (new start remix) by stf
The vocals are in a completely different key than the backing tracks. The instru...
Tue, Nov 29 11:20 AM fourstones review of zanarkand by nimmo
not your strongest mix, I feel like I can see the seams on this one a little -- ...
Tue, Nov 29 11:16 AM fourstones review of Daddy's gone by Comfortable Silence
the original of this mix has been a great companion to me. It's still cool ;)
Tue, Nov 29 11:08 AM fourstones review of CanTheseThings Be by The fog society
OH! Dam this is nice. You've become one of favorite mixers here.
Tue, Nov 29 11:06 AM fourstones review of My Boo's in the Garage by uncle_flow
HOT (but then you didn't need me to tell you that ;) that was fun!
Tue, Nov 29 11:05 AM fourstones review of Coyote Rabbit Night Watch by gurdonark
I'm impressed with the sample manipulation and if I were picking incidental musi...
Tue, Nov 29 11:00 AM fourstones review of what cha need by bazzers
the beats are pretty cool and I love the arrangement overall but the mix is miss...
Tue, Nov 29 10:49 AM fourstones review of adrastea solution by nimmo
there's that zipper-swoopy thing again. This time it's working even less than be...
Tue, Nov 29 10:46 AM fourstones review of The Fluid Chameleon by Refusenik
very very cool, great use of samples. This is strictly a matter of 'how I would ...
Tue, Nov 29 10:44 AM fourstones review of adrastea solution two by nimmo
again, the engineering is pretty cool, and I'm definitely feeling your work. ...
Tue, Nov 29 10:40 AM fourstones review of phisphae (provisional) by nimmo
I like the general idea a lot and the engineering is pretty great -- I'm sure th...
Tue, Nov 29 10:34 AM fourstones review of G Wills & Lomon (Dj lang) - What Cha Need _Djiz RMX by BillCarson
it's neat to hear a new voice at mixter. The vocals slip a little at around the ...
Tue, Nov 29 9:15 AM asteria review of Truth Force Drone by gurdonark
this is great - it is amazing to see how much sonority is locked up in acoustic ...
Tue, Nov 29 8:59 AM tacet review of Everyday Choices (Treatment) by fourstones
I'm a noob here, and just checking things out. This is one of the top mixes so ...
Mon, Nov 28 10:41 PM MarcoRaaphorst review of Slanted Voices - Intimate Hour remix by teru
lovely music!
Mon, Nov 28 5:50 PM Analog By Nature review of Slanted Voices - Intimate Hour remix by teru
very melo.... i love it
Mon, Nov 28 9:42 AM Colin Mutchler review of Everyday Choices (Treatment) by fourstones
a less burned-out Lou Reed who met a really good mixter and found a different gr...
Mon, Nov 28 4:53 AM martinhinrichs review of Quest by oscarx
It's great!
Mon, Nov 28 2:33 AM DeBenedictis review of Maybe We Can All Do Something by Lisa Rein
Haven't listened to this yet, as I'm at work and just found you. But your web s...
Mon, Nov 28 1:46 AM bazzers review of Don't Stop (mizzG mix) by Girlio
very nice melody went together good job 10/10
Sun, Nov 27 2:10 PM gurdonark review of Everyday Choices (Treatment) by fourstones
The intro is beautiful. The pacing fits wonderfully. That's a solid guitar line...
Sun, Nov 27 1:30 PM teru review of Everyday Choices (Treatment) by fourstones
Awesome. Those guitar parts rock! I WANT THOSE SAMPLES. And the low end sounds a...
Sun, Nov 27 9:55 AM DeBenedictis review of Slanted Voices - Intimate Hour remix by teru
I agree with Victor. This is amazing...surreal!