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Tue, Sep 20 9:10 PM gurdonark review of More Than 2 Sides (accapella) by Colin Mutchler
I'm going to sit back and let one of the great mixters do a project with this on...
Tue, Sep 20 7:45 PM MarcoRaaphorst review of Sumarezinho Underground by TRZ
yeah, great and bangin'! heavy coolness, fat 'deep' chords ;) mix could be be...
Tue, Sep 20 6:26 PM TRZ review of Gankutsuou by thelaw
Hi Thelaw, thanks for the down tempo break beat and cinematic-retro strings amb...
Tue, Sep 20 6:20 PM TRZ review of Oslodum 2004 - DJ Dolores by WIRED Magazine CD
Salve Salve Dolores, viva o terceiro mundo low fi, salve a guitarrada do norte,...
Tue, Sep 20 6:13 PM TRZ review of Watches Forest -istrumental- by CoffeeTrim
Hi lets drink a Coffee..sss...listen that:
Tue, Sep 20 6:08 PM TRZ review of Combis43 by MarcoRaaphorst
hey man, its woooonderfull deep warm ambience..coolll! listen my remix of combi...
Tue, Sep 20 5:48 PM teru review of Choose (mantra remix) by stubZz
+ Nice mixing on the vocals. I really like a lot of the sounds. And the garbage ...
Tue, Sep 20 5:39 PM teru review of Giti by C.Portable
Excellent. What samples did you use again? Oh there it is right at the end. Grea...
Tue, Sep 20 5:33 PM teru review of How Can These Things B by uret
Thanks Guys. Rotvic.LOL. I sound french you sound ukrainian. : )
Tue, Sep 20 4:59 PM gurdonark review of Quant la doulce jouvencelle / medieval chanson by asteria
Lovely. I love it for itself, but it will also morph nicely into something darkl...
Tue, Sep 20 4:04 PM Ran Dumb Dots...... .. . review of Choose (mantra remix) by stubZz
I like the sparse treatment, especially the deep bass sound and percussion sound...
Tue, Sep 20 8:08 AM creativelycommon review of Below (Again Mix) by Terence Owen
haha, this cracked me up. I was 200% expecting Elton John to start singing when ...
Mon, Sep 19 7:47 PM fourstones review of How Can These Things B by uret
yea, amazing samples in the right hands! Thats for sure! Peace, Rotciv
Mon, Sep 19 6:40 PM J.Lang review of Son of a Hobo by ASHWAN
Nice Vocals....great song.
Mon, Sep 19 6:37 PM J.Lang review of Hobo's Son (Treatment) by fourstones
Every day a new reason for getting Reasons. Great.
Mon, Sep 19 6:35 PM J.Lang review of all DU needs by deutscheunschuld
Old school Fo sho, but we like it.
Mon, Sep 19 6:09 PM J.Lang review of Material Girl (Treatment) by fourstones
Sounds like the soundtrack to the next James Bond movie. Just like 007, this tr...
Mon, Sep 19 6:04 PM shockshadow review of Giti by C.Portable
ok...i must say...this song is BAD. as in GOOD BAD! it starts a bit hesitant.....
Mon, Sep 19 6:03 PM J.Lang review of Girl and Supergirl(Moon Mix) by teru
You take lisa in so many directions and stil make it seem so brand new with ever...
Mon, Sep 19 5:59 PM J.Lang review of Be Brave (Dub-TripHop RMX) by Antony Raijekov
A high 5.
Mon, Sep 19 5:58 PM shockshadow review of How Can These Things B by uret
strangely mesmerizing...i like the vibe. neat combination of samples. begs for...
Mon, Sep 19 5:55 PM J.Lang review of More Than 2 Sides (Treatment) by fourstones
Nice mix. Funky and cool
Mon, Sep 19 5:52 PM J.Lang review of S.N.A.K.E by FuriousStereo
I agree with the good Dr. I also like it.
Mon, Sep 19 5:50 PM J.Lang review of Hot Summertime Night (Me And My Turntables On The Roof Remix) by BUNNIES GONE BAD
Very HoTTTT!!!!! Sorry about the pella but working on Lomon's demo and summertim...
Mon, Sep 19 5:47 PM J.Lang review of Up Until Now (Treatment) by fourstones
Very cool. Heavy Acid jazz feel. Alomst like a Crusaders meets Herbie Hancock me...
Mon, Sep 19 5:33 PM J.Lang review of Girl and Supergirl-teru-remix by teru
I've been a way for a min and u guys have been going crazy.........Very Nice Mr....
Mon, Sep 19 5:31 PM J.Lang review of Flurning by Ran Dumb Dots...... .. .
That oboe is so Cool. Almost a Soul to soul with jazzy feelto it. I like this.
Mon, Sep 19 5:28 PM J.Lang review of NGB by scuba_suit
Loving that break
Mon, Sep 19 5:27 PM J.Lang review of Sumarezinho Underground by TRZ
I'm diggin this....
Mon, Sep 19 5:24 PM J.Lang review of How Can These Things B by uret
Verl Cool