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Mon, Apr 2 11:17 AM Snowflake review of the look in your eyes ... by urmymuse
what incredible sounds, melodies and stems!!!
Mon, Apr 2 10:31 AM Zep Hurme review of Seasons Of A Lifetime by Aussens@iter
Wow. Epic! True retro progrock vibe with contemporary twists. Really well execu...
Mon, Apr 2 10:27 AM urmymuse review of To One False In Love by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Yes really lovely mix
Mon, Apr 2 7:04 AM Aussens@iter review of Inside Embrace by Speck
I recognize the bass! :) Gonna have to listen to this a few more times, cause th...
Mon, Apr 2 1:26 AM Martin Cee (softmartin) review of Imperfect World (Stellarartwars Remix) by The Third Mind
Hi, overall the track brings the vocals out much better than mine, and I love th...
Sun, Apr 1 12:20 PM Snowflake review of Dance in the Rain (Breaking Sound) by kthugha
A kthugha remix!!! What a treat!! Your patience with this has really paid off --...
Sun, Apr 1 10:48 AM Dan_Mantau review of Heart on Redial by Rewob
Good choice !
Sat, Mar 31 7:05 AM rightClk review of Heart on Redial by Rewob
10 out 0f 10. . .
Fri, Mar 30 12:13 AM Rewob review of Noir by Javolenus
Haunting and beautiful. Nice one
Fri, Mar 30 12:09 AM Rewob review of Up 2 Us by Aussens@iter
Beautiful song
Fri, Mar 30 12:07 AM Rewob review of A Stranger Fiction by Speck
Great atmospheric track. A complete chillout journey
Thu, Mar 29 11:31 PM NightKnight review of Paint the Sky by Hans Atom
Lyrics are kind of cliche .. But melody is great
Thu, Mar 29 11:19 PM NightKnight review of Break Free by Zep Hurme
I would add some distortion to the vocals at the start, just a small note, its g...
Thu, Mar 29 11:05 PM NightKnight review of Blue by One Project
Sick beat, vocals are bad:( I would love it if you could share the trance track
Thu, Mar 29 11:01 PM NightKnight review of Cheat on life ( disco remix ) by Dysfunction_AL
I like the beat, but the vocals are eh tbh
Thu, Mar 29 10:53 PM NightKnight review of Take it Easy on me Baby by Scomber
Great stuff!, only background becomes too quiet at some point and it kind of det...
Thu, Mar 29 10:37 PM NightKnight review of travelLight by airtone
Great remix, and Beautiful vocals!
Thu, Mar 29 10:30 PM NightKnight review of Expand Your Horizons by Zep Hurme
I like what you did with the sample, a lot. But to be fully honest some of the t...
Wed, Mar 28 7:18 PM Admiral Bob review of Two Pianos by Stefan Kartenberg
Very lovely additions. Delicate and tender,
Wed, Mar 28 12:31 PM Mr_Yesterday review of A Song So New, A Song So Old by Speck
Ah, I woke up Speck'ed! Thoroughly enjoyed
Wed, Mar 28 11:27 AM reiswerk review of The Lexicon Of Love by Robbero
Nice to listen!
Wed, Mar 28 8:24 AM Javolenus review of Noir Rouge by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
This is really great. I love it. The bass is awesome, and all the additions are ...
Wed, Mar 28 5:16 AM Martijn de Boer (NiGiD) review of A Song So New, A Song So Old by Speck
Very nice
Tue, Mar 27 1:57 PM rightClk review of Noir Rouge by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Good stuff. . . .
Tue, Mar 27 1:57 PM Aussens@iter review of My Primary by dondoniigor1
If you upload something as "sample" you should provide samples or stems...
Tue, Mar 27 12:26 PM Robbero review of Secret Beers by Stefan Kartenberg
Tue, Mar 27 3:38 AM Speck review of Noir Rouge by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Captivating development.
Tue, Mar 27 3:29 AM Dan_Mantau review of Up 2 Us by Aussens@iter
Just excellent ! The Guitar tracks Need to be remixed ;)
Mon, Mar 26 11:05 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Odd Man Out by Stefan Kartenberg
Wow, Stefan, I somehow missed this while on the road. I like it!
Mon, Mar 26 5:34 PM billraydrums review of Democrazy by Aussens@iter
Whoa! I've been busy elsewhere and just discovered this! NOICE