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Wed, Oct 2 11:06 PM soundtails review of Tiny Spaceships by Hans Atom
Matrix no need for fossil fuels, labels, or egos. Very cool!
Wed, Oct 2 2:48 PM panu review of Duckspectives (Flocktacular Mix) by duckett
i enjoyed this very much. reminds me of the scene in Aloha where Bradley Cooper...
Wed, Oct 2 12:45 PM panu review of Spirit Tree by spinningmerkaba
very much enjoyed. . . +
Wed, Oct 2 12:43 PM panu review of My Spirit Tree by Loveshadow
very poignant. . . nice melody & soundscape. . . +
Wed, Oct 2 12:42 PM panu review of Head Run by texasradiofish
good one. . . .
Wed, Oct 2 12:39 PM panu review of Not Taking The Bait by Speck
word. . . ! +
Wed, Oct 2 7:05 AM mwic review of The Sun Smiles on LightSail 2 by gurdonark
Love the mix, Robert. FYI the link to Lightsail FAQ has a period inside it at t...
Wed, Oct 2 3:20 AM LittleMystic review of Song for.... by K
Indeed a moving arrangement ! I like this one very much.
Wed, Oct 2 2:40 AM Speck review of Spirit Tree by spinningmerkaba
Nice. It sounds like a field recording of the eulogy.
Tue, Oct 1 7:11 PM Snowflake review of 10 Different Pictures by exodistone
Such creative production and wonderful sounds! I'd love stems. Brilliant mix!
Tue, Oct 1 7:06 PM Snowflake review of Super Coffee Writer by septahelix
I dig the transition from ethereal open to funky bass line. The breakdown sectio...
Tue, Oct 1 7:04 PM Snowflake review of I Loved Alone by Speck
I love this right from the top!!! The pitch shifting of Kara's vox really fits t...
Tue, Oct 1 6:56 PM Snowflake review of Alone ** by J.Lang
I'm compelled to listen! I love your sounds and melodies wrapped around Kara's v...
Tue, Oct 1 6:54 PM Snowflake review of The River by texasradiofish
Such a delightful smörgåsbord of horns, voice and rhythm! Tasty!
Tue, Oct 1 6:52 PM Snowflake review of Head Run by 7OOP3D
Yes, this is powerful!
Tue, Oct 1 6:50 PM Snowflake review of In loving Care by LittleMystic
Tue, Oct 1 6:50 PM Snowflake review of Perspective-In Loving Care by Bluemillenium
So mystically beautiful! Belongs in a film. Gorgeous!
Tue, Oct 1 6:49 PM Snowflake review of The Perspective Of Time (Piano Improv 2,26,2014) by Speck
Lovely piano playing. I particularly like the dissonant sections.
Tue, Oct 1 6:48 PM Snowflake review of Experimental Downtempo Pack by Apoxode
Spooky and playful at the same time. Perfect in time for Halloween mixes too!
Tue, Oct 1 6:47 PM Snowflake review of Rasta Kitchen Perspective by texasradiofish
Cook me up some Rasta Kitchen!!!!
Tue, Oct 1 6:45 PM Snowflake review of Voice of a Stream by texasradiofish
Your musical soundscape is so divine! Peaceful, mystical beautiful. Thank you fo...
Tue, Oct 1 6:45 PM Snowflake review of Keep Walking by Speck
Thank you for the wonderfully clear recording of the insects, birds and other st...
Tue, Oct 1 6:39 PM Snowflake review of perspective - the song by panu
There is so much wisdom in your lyrics. I love the analogy of the revolving door...
Tue, Oct 1 6:35 PM Snowflake review of The Mobil Incident by Speck
I really appreciate this story. Your voice has a warm and inviting tone. I, too,...
Tue, Oct 1 6:32 PM Snowflake review of Alone by Kara Square
Your compelling read of Edgar Allen Poe is bewitching!!!
Tue, Oct 1 6:30 PM Snowflake review of Alcohol Free Day by robwalkerpoet
Thank you for transforming a personal journey into an artistic one as well, and ...
Tue, Oct 1 6:29 PM Snowflake review of Beijing to Badaling by robwalkerpoet
Apartments growing faster than rice -- this really pierces me. I was just visiti...
Tue, Oct 1 6:28 PM Snowflake review of Where is My Future? by Mr_Yesterday
Deeply inspiring. I imagine a future much like yours -- without war, disease. Wi...
Tue, Oct 1 6:26 PM Snowflake review of Hawkesbury River Visit by debbizo
I want to visit Hawkesbury River and the surrounding beauty, having been captiva...
Tue, Oct 1 6:23 PM Snowflake review of Driving Home by debbizo
Thank you for creating pictures and emotions in my heart with your vibrant words...