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Reviews for "Fragment"

by §įǷǷƔ�?ʗʯǷ
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Wed, Jan 2, 2008 @ 2:27 PM

Samples are used in:

permalink   Wed, Jan 2, 2008 @ 4:30 PM
The idea is cool. I wouldn’t mind hearing a little less quantization on this one. Perhaps humanizing the piano, misplacing a few items. Just my 2 pence. Nice music though.
permalink   §įǷǷƔ�?ʗʯǷ Wed, Jan 2, 2008 @ 4:56 PM
You saying I stacked the same patterens to many times with different instruments? I think you are, well recieved.
To mention the misplacing lol I like the misses and misplaced sounds intentional :D “fragment” but only when it sounds good you know what I mean! gotta have that feel to hold you down, and when that miss hit happens its ok, Im working on it still.
thanks though Def appreciate the feedback.
permalink   Wed, Jan 2, 2008 @ 7:37 PM
I hear what Darkroom was saying but i like it just the way it is.
My Only Pick… I would have placed the vocals a bit more up front and i would have added a Deep 808 all over the place…lol Just kidding about the 808

Nice work Mr. Sick puppy

J.Lang=bass…. Hmmmmmmm. LOL.
permalink   §įǷǷƔ�?ʗʯǷ Wed, Jan 2, 2008 @ 8:40 PM
Thanks jang, You know what the vocals I did notice the vocals got kinda buried beneath the sounds, but after the upload,and the bass got weak as fu*k too GRRRR I think that is from the streaming process. o well, I anit gett’n paid by this dude :D justkidding. Thanks for sure for the review on this n rate :)
permalink   Thu, Jan 3, 2008 @ 7:00 PM
Sippy! Thanks for your unique take on this; although I could be vain and b—ch about being buried a bit, I kinda like the overall feeling of how it is.
It’s like coming up behind some shrouded figure under an overpass warming themselves over a oildrum fire, as you hear them speaking something- yet no one else is there… or does the figure know of your eavesdropping after all? Cool.
permalink   §įǷǷƔ�?ʗʯǷ Fri, Jan 4, 2008 @ 9:58 AM
This whole track is unique, its got some hand structured vocals by you and hand constructed melodies and beats by me ? You spoke this piece like a charm.
I had in mind as if you were reflecting on ideas as you are speaking in code.
The music changes around your ideas seem to go from here to there, and back again to its origins, your voice narrates as your lips don’t move ( like your idea was you hear the voice but is anybody there?) the camera shifts around your emotions of your face which I imagined just a stone face with a bit of sadness (constant) as images my fade in and change into another shift of thought. If that makes any sense to you
I was looking for just this and this is dope spoken word.

Thank you for you review
Clarance Boddyker
permalink   Sun, Jan 13, 2008 @ 6:50 PM
I removed my assanine post. (Didn’t know it would delete all responses though, I was like “D’OH!”

I wrote all of the previous responses laughing, where I’m from you snap and crack jokes to ease tension, which helps both sides of view be seen after a good laugh. I put in a pic of Triumph The insult comic dog, that was a rountine I wrote as I laughed. But it probably don’t translate thru internet.

I didn’t mean to remove all the shit you wrote, just wanted you to know I appreciate all you wrote. I just wanted to take all that negative shit of your thread here.

I respect that you ain’t a fan of my pells, just that if you say so, I like to know what works or doesn’t, but you stated you ain’t going to get that personal and I respect that.

I think that “wondering mind (resampled and raped mix” is really bugged out. The intro creates anticipation and builds to that entrancing driving bassline and the kicking percussion. You meant it when you made that track, I don’t pretend to know you, but who you are as a musician came through when you made that track, your talent came through like an explosion.

“Better Off Alone” is simply brilliant in its complexity, taking diverse sound elements and arranging them in a compelling way. This is the closest you have come to hip hop, of all your music I heard at the moment, but the pell pushes it into a more experimental direction, one that works. You get a nice headnod off this too, and it shows off youw skill as a producer.

Those tracks are organically truer to your abilities as a producer, not “potential abilities”. An artists makes the name, the name don’t make the artist. I named myself after the villain in RoboCop for cripes sake. There is nothing funny about your name when you listen to these tracks.

I rhyme about actions and consequences and weird shit, I try not pin it down. I got a song about a rapper sho uses his raps as spell chanting to summon a ancient demon to destroy the earth. That might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

So yeah, I am a Sippy Cup fan, what of it? Which I will admit quicker than being an ICP fan. (Dude, just jokes here, wide open!)

Again, you wrote some true shit before, real shit, I respect that, I didn’t mean to delete what you wrote, again, I just wanted to take down all the ignant, jokey shit I wrote on your post. While funny, it takes away from the point, that you a good producer and the tracks I talked about are the weakest, not representive at all.

Keep rockin it
permalink   §įǷǷƔ�?ʗʯǷ Mon, Jan 14, 2008 @ 5:28 PM
Hey! I will say this: you and how you deliver your stuff, is on point you lay it down like a pro.]
that does suck that them post replies are lost, Ive read your reply and I apologize in advance for this being short. I had a serious loss today, and came here to make mends on what I said I would do, and that was to remove my negative chops at you. Ive learned a while ago that beefing and hating for no reason sucks for leading a life anyhow, why spend all your life dissing or hating, no point, I meant what I said about you delivering like a pro, and If’n I knew you like a friend you would have me bustn up and actually in your corner say’n listen to this stuff. I apologize for my idiotic remarks, and must go now