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Our Heroes
by Ivan Chew
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Mon, Sep 21, 2009 @ 2:59 AM

Uses samples from:

permalink   Mon, Sep 21, 2009 @ 6:24 AM
I really, really like notes you pick - always very interesting melodies and harmonies.

I like this a lot. Very clever.
permalink   Ivan Chew Mon, Sep 21, 2009 @ 6:45 AM
Interestingly for me, the lead riff didn’t require that many different notes. Scomber’s original track was the key. After figuring out what chord he was using, the notes sort of presented themselves. I didn’t try to be like Steve Vai or Joe Satriani this time. They are my guitar heroes but for this song, I was thinking of those closer to my heart. :)
permalink   DURDEN Wed, Jun 2, 2010 @ 8:06 PM
Quote: colabI really, really like notes you pick - always very interesting melodies and harmonies.

Same here, love that main riff. And a very noble subject.
permalink   Mon, Sep 21, 2009 @ 8:29 PM
Thanks Ivan, this is great.
Love what you did with the guitars/melody.
The spooky thing here is that the original vocal I did before putting pinkcutiepie’s pella over the top was called “heroes”
I must revisit this when I get the chance.
permalink   Ivan Chew Tue, Sep 22, 2009 @ 9:32 AM
So it’s true what they say about Great Minds… *cough cough*. Hey man, thanks for sharing your excellent original track. The moment I heard it, something clicked and I felt compelled to do a guitar instrumental.
permalink   Tue, Sep 22, 2009 @ 1:58 PM
I like your playing!
permalink   Ivan Chew Wed, Sep 23, 2009 @ 3:28 AM
I like your review! Seriously. Thank you for leaving a comment.
permalink   Thu, Sep 24, 2009 @ 8:55 PM
Love this Mr. Chew. Excellent gtr work; But I must tell you that I will defile this mix with perverse poetry.
permalink   Ivan Chew Fri, Sep 25, 2009 @ 5:41 AM
Heh, thanks for letting me know in advanced. It’ll be your mix. I won’t mind :)
permalink   Fri, Sep 25, 2009 @ 10:59 AM
this is epic!
permalink   Ivan Chew Fri, Sep 25, 2009 @ 11:27 AM
thanks for enjoying it!
permalink   Tue, May 25, 2010 @ 12:26 PM
Hey, I really loved this instrumental. I’m hoping to hear more from you that are similar to this one. I remixed it by adding my vocals to it. Let me know what you think about it.
permalink   Ivan Chew Wed, May 26, 2010 @ 6:43 AM
Thanks for commenting. Hmm… it’s been a while since I did any instrumentals. Think I’ll try something soon. Thanks for the nudge. Will go check out your mix too.
permalink   Tue, May 25, 2010 @ 7:15 PM
Damn Ivan, ths is a great song, one of your best!
permalink   Ivan Chew Wed, May 26, 2010 @ 6:42 AM
Hey, it’s been a while! Glad you liked it. [salute]
permalink   Sun, Mar 18, 2012 @ 5:29 AM
Causes are suspect totemism in the postmodern age, a dilemna which leaves no heroes. Heroes may go awry, but when I listen to this I think of the sharey / fairy tale “THE SELFISH GIANT” by Oscar Wilde at He was a hero because he made his garden available for children to share. This music is inspiring on the same scale.
permalink   Ivan Chew Sun, Mar 18, 2012 @ 8:47 AM
Thanks! Though if we’re using the ‘Giants’ analogy, this piece was remixed on the shoulders of giants before me then :)