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remember the name
by Tomas PhUsIoN
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Sun, Mar 19, 2006 @ 12:45 AM

Uses samples from:

permalink   Sun, Mar 19, 2006 @ 9:59 AM
First of all musically your track is excellent. The breaks are killer. Especially when you go to just drums and vocals toward the end and the drum and cymbal combo stop is brilliant.

I’m not digging the added sound effects too much cuz they sound a little on the cartoon side. Also the vocal stop at the beginning perhaps stop after “It’s like this ya’ll” instead of “It’s like this ya’ll come”…sounds like a bad vocal edit.


People like Bigg Juss, Pac, Big, Easy E, Q-Tip, Jeru, Busta…have dropped brilliant raps. This one doesn’t qualify for me. In order to elevate to that level cats gotta bring shit that isn’t about them to the mic. Get socio-economic, get political, get cultural and talk about some real shit…not how hard it is for you to make music and how great you are at doing it. Honestly if you make music and get so little pleasure out of it and so much pain…then why do it? The whole rap for me is either an exercise in bullshit or a prime example of how comedically absurd hip hop emcees have become now. (Rappers hope he get shot?? that’s funny). No offense man just my two cents on the matter.

- Peace -
permalink   Tomas PhUsIoN Sun, Mar 19, 2006 @ 2:08 PM
Thats why i like this website, people tell you how it is straight from the hip, no messing and your views are valuble and noted, your right about the sound effects i rekon i just got a bit tired after listening to it it for the umteenth time so my ears just wanted to hear something different. Thanx for the no bulls**t review.
permalink   Wed, Mar 22, 2006 @ 3:45 PM
Solid as always Tomas. This is gonna sound wierd but it sounds too good to me. To me the original vocals sound a bit grimey and again, to me this mix sounds too well produced.

So yeah, I’m saying you’re too good. : )
permalink   Tomas PhUsIoN Thu, Mar 23, 2006 @ 1:10 PM
thanx a lot teru, you really have just made my day, you are also very good at what you do, so when you write a review like this, it makes me wanna carry on. thanx mate.