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Reviews for "Cases of Misused Apostrophe's"

Cases of Misused Apostrophe's
by go1dfish
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Sun, Nov 7, 2010 @ 12:07 AM
Admiral Bob
permalink   Sun, Nov 7, 2010 @ 12:14 AM
Real time review: starts with Alex’s razor sharp T-Rex guitar, and builds into a bit of Power Pop with Ben’s voice muffled back a bit, and an 80s like female voice in behind him.

“Surfing on the Internet, I stumble across a certain blog, about a trip to a petting zoo.” Mwahahaha.

This is a hit. :)

Great bit of lo-fi guitar soloing, a la Golden Earring.

The woman’s voice is snowflake, can tell that now. Hmm, you’re lucky to have that as an available instrument, and it is used to great effect here.

Like the guitar outro, and I’m glad the “I put the guitar” away noises were included. :)
permalink   timberman Sun, Nov 7, 2010 @ 9:28 AM
Whatever happened to Golden Earring?
permalink   Sun, Nov 7, 2010 @ 12:16 AM
you rocked this alex! love your crunchy guitar tone and the treatment of ben’s vocal. you really rocked this and the guitar dynamics in the chorus build the section perfectly.

thanks for letting me sing on your track :)

the title is pretty darn funny!
permalink   Abstract Audio Sun, Nov 7, 2010 @ 1:12 AM
Could not have said it better
permalink   Down With Ben Sun, Nov 7, 2010 @ 2:53 AM
Thanks for taking the time to sing backup on this track. You rock!!!
permalink   Snowflake Sun, Nov 7, 2010 @ 5:21 PM
my pleasure! i’ve been singing it ALL day. :)
MC Jack in the Box
permalink   Sun, Nov 7, 2010 @ 12:32 AM
Yeah, I completely agree with what snowflake said. it’s like an everclear song! (remember them?)
permalink   go1dfish Sun, Nov 7, 2010 @ 10:26 AM
Quote: MC Jack in the BoxYeah, I completely agree with what snowflake said. it’s like an everclear song! (remember them?)

lol yeah I remember everclear now that you mention them.

I listened to a lot of (punk) rock in the early/mid 90’s and I guess it shows :)
Mana Junkie
permalink   Sun, Nov 7, 2010 @ 1:22 AM
I diggs it.
permalink   Sun, Nov 7, 2010 @ 1:31 AM
This is great Alex! It’s Schoolhouse Rock for the 21s Century!!! And put a BIG sloppy smile on my face!
permalink   Sun, Nov 7, 2010 @ 2:48 AM
Yea, this rocks!!! Great guitar sounds
Down With Ben
permalink   Sun, Nov 7, 2010 @ 2:50 AM
Wow! This absolutely RAWKS! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. I love how you switched around my original placement of the verses. Lots of fun!

And I guess I’ll have to agree with Snowflake on the title. Funny and appropriate… ;)

Speaking of Snowflake, super cool that you got her to contribute those backup vocals. Give her a great big thanks and high five from me!
permalink   go1dfish Sun, Nov 7, 2010 @ 10:31 AM
Snowflake singing backup vocals was her idea,

I took my studio across the street to her humble adobe to do parts of this mix and get some advice.

I use a very open set of headphones, and she got the chorus lines stuck in her head while I was editing and she offered to sing backup vocals.

Of course, its quite stuck in my head as well now, and I’ll never misuse an apostrophe again.

Thanks much.
permalink   Sun, Nov 7, 2010 @ 9:30 AM
Great ready ready hit music for the masses. I second everything Admiral Bob’s written.
permalink   Sun, Nov 7, 2010 @ 5:16 PM
Ha!!—another brilliant track—has a Pixie feel to it for me—-I love hearing something like this on ccmixter—-freakin lovely.
permalink   Wed, Nov 10, 2010 @ 9:15 PM
Nice work Alex! Each time I hear a new track from you…it keeps getting better…giant steps you are taking. I agree with Sackjo22’s review. There is something raw about this track that if too polished would miss the point. I think the Allens’ would agree.
permalink   Tue, Feb 7, 2012 @ 2:55 PM
I like this mix a lot…

The voices are stunning: the harmonies in the chorus are surprising. You did something unique in this