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Freedom in my Voice (the cover)
by ditto ditto
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Sat, Aug 21, 2010 @ 7:36 AM

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permalink   Sat, Aug 21, 2010 @ 8:23 AM
Your musical vision is always filled with sounds of wonder and delight and this track is no different. I am so pleased and honored that you and MiElle chose my words to sing, that you treated my song so sweetly, and included me in the fun! Thank you a million times!
permalink   ditto ditto Sat, Aug 21, 2010 @ 11:54 AM
It was very funny to sing your lyrics, and to re-appropriate your work. It was like if, just for a moment, i was you, in your mind..Thank you.
MC Jack in the Box
permalink   Sat, Aug 21, 2010 @ 11:41 AM
mais oui! c’est tres beau. tu et le Beck français!
permalink   ditto ditto Sat, Aug 21, 2010 @ 11:55 AM
Ooh my Mc, “tu me fais rougir..”.
Thanks to you..
The Mulletz
permalink   Sat, Aug 21, 2010 @ 11:51 AM
really clever and catchy. perfect
permalink   ditto ditto Sat, Aug 21, 2010 @ 11:57 AM
Thanks to you The Mulletz. It was very cool to sing in this trio.
permalink   Sat, Aug 21, 2010 @ 6:00 PM
This is beautifully done…gentle and sweet with lovely harmony and very nice intro…sounds of evening sitting out on the porch…crickets? frogs?…well done!
permalink   Sat, Aug 21, 2010 @ 8:22 PM
creative, lovely, gentle, unique….makes me smile :)
permalink   Sun, Aug 22, 2010 @ 12:50 AM
Makes me smile too. Absolutely delightful. There’s an ancient European folklore flavour to this that is absolutely unique.
Donnie Drost
permalink   Sun, Aug 22, 2010 @ 2:00 AM
permalink   Sun, Aug 22, 2010 @ 6:50 AM
Utterly delightful from beginning to end. xxxx
permalink   Mon, Aug 23, 2010 @ 5:08 PM
-Ditto: Thank you for the invitation, for your sense of the melody, the harmony, for your smoothness, your energy, your creativity… Thank you for allowing me to experiment.
-SackJo: You’re “complete”. It’s a good feeling to read your lyrics, your reviews… Always high and beautiful concepts, fineness and a point of humor. You’re a great singer. I like your remixes and the Mixin’ Kitchen… Oui tout ça… Thank you for sharing “Freedom in my voice”. And please, excuse my pronunciation…
-ccMixter/ccMixters: This web site and the persons who compose it/ who participate in it are important for me. “There is a good spirit”. And many/a lot of talented persons so… I deeply hope everything will be ok with ASCAP and Mr Williams. I think he is not a toad. Let us transform him into a charming prince :)
permalink   Sat, Aug 28, 2010 @ 3:02 AM