Rise from the Ashes Event

Reviews left by ztutz

Sun, Sep 17 11:46 AM ztutz review of False Awakening by Stab
Fantastic, in the original sense. What a great mood. This deserves remixing ...
Sat, Sep 16 10:34 AM ztutz review of If You by gurdonark
Excellent combination! There should be a mixter week of birds...
Sat, Sep 16 1:24 AM ztutz review of Ovverreacting (Ft. Krishinda) by PorchCat
Nice cut!
Fri, Sep 15 3:51 AM ztutz review of sad by Analog By Nature
This is really beautiful, cdk. Once again.
Mon, Jun 5 12:07 PM ztutz review of beat violence (hundred years war mix) by shagrugge
This mix makes me think of summertime in the parks in Chicago. Love the horns.
Wed, May 24 8:01 PM ztutz review of Obscruity by fourstones
Hey, this is almost ambient. Where's the funk? Great spatialization. Nice. An...
Wed, May 24 7:50 PM ztutz review of Bong Crisby (Doobie Doo) by fourstones
WHO can resist funky clavinette??
Tue, May 23 7:16 PM ztutz review of Ending the Drought (featuring Shagrugge) by gurdonark
This is fantastic ambience. Wonderful detail!
Tue, May 23 6:35 PM ztutz review of Noite de Carnaval by Code by Nitropox@CCmixter
This cut is beautiful. Thank you!!
Tue, May 23 11:39 AM ztutz review of Ektal (6) beat tabla by skoria
Thanks for the very useful mixture!
Tue, Nov 22 7:31 AM ztutz review of "Sliding Cavern" (Deep Green Mix) by lethal
Takes me somewhere else whenever I listen to it! Fabulous mix.
Mon, Nov 21 1:18 PM ztutz review of AcousticSuperGirl by accousticRyan
I always have a hard time leaving things alone like this. Nice job!
Thu, Nov 17 6:31 AM ztutz review of Reason of the Stone Age (Remix) by Gerador Zero
Pulverizing! Great mix - all of the snubnosed synths are really nice. Also ha...
Tue, Nov 15 7:22 AM ztutz review of Anorexic Rose (on they bleed) by Acradian Burn
Nice! For me, a small amount of processing on the vocal would ease it into the r...
Wed, Nov 9 1:13 PM ztutz review of One Question (featuring P.Mac) by GaryM
I love this tune. It makes me move, involuntarily. I've listened to it a lot, an...