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Antony Raijekov (zeos)

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Antony Raijekov is a young artist who works in the field of theater, music, audio-vision and contemporary interactive art. He has five releases: “Acid is Gone”(2003), “VIEWS” (2003), “Hammondsville” (2004) and “Point of View EP” (2005 @ Bulgarian Creative Commons net label) and “ Sound Fish” (2005/2006) @ All his music and works are under Creative Commons licenses. He worked with Ventzislav Dikov (guitar, kaval player and painter) on contemporary ethno-jazz album “Sounds Around You”.

For his work he has been awarded Electronic Music Award in the category ‘Electronic and computer generated music’ on the 16th international competition ComputerSpace 2004, ‘Musician of the month’, July 2004 by the music community and the WEB-BG prize for July 2005 for the portal.

Antony Raijekov graduated from ‘National Academy for Theater and Film Arts’, subject Drama Acting and after that graduated Drama directing also. Currently he works within the ‘ Provokatzia’ theatre, develops and implements independent projects in the art field - ‘ NightSongs’ by J. Fosse - actor & composer, ‘ The fireplace’ by M. Minkov - producer, director and composer of the music for the performance; co-founder and chief editor of web portal, dedicated to Creative Commons, open and free culture in Bulgaria, also he is co-founder and member of executive council of Open Projects Foundation.
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