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Reviews left by writersam123

Sun, Feb 26 5:51 AM writersam123 review of This Wall by Admiral Bob
Thnx 4 sharing. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTHuz-cnpdk https://ww...
Wed, Feb 15 3:17 PM writersam123 review of Altar by Zutsuri
Thnx 4 sharing. Enj0y. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fy4xY8iWvfA https://ww...
Wed, Jan 25 7:23 PM writersam123 review of Neighborhood Girl by Steven M Bryant
Nice Vocal Steven.
Thu, Sep 1 7:43 PM writersam123 review of The Garden by Anchor
Nice vocal Victoria.Enjoyed producing the song.
Thu, Aug 11 7:21 PM writersam123 review of Living Nightmare (pell) by Snowflake
Excellent vocal and harmonies. Sorry Emily, but for whatever reason I was unable...
Sun, May 15 8:28 PM writersam123 review of Can't Stop This Feeling by mykleanthony
Thnx 4 sharing.
Thu, Apr 14 11:45 PM writersam123 review of Survival is the Key by iluffchinchillas
Nice pella to produce. YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wB4FOMVx8Xc
Sun, Apr 10 9:21 PM writersam123 review of Crowded Rooms by Duco
Nice pella. Look forward to more from you. Video Link https://www.youtube.com/wa...
Sun, Jan 3 1:38 PM writersam123 review of The Session by Donnie Ozone
Nice pella to work with bro. Look forward to more from you.
Thu, Aug 13 3:35 PM writersam123 review of Knowledge is The Power by Bryanartmuzik
Thnx 4 sharing. Nice vocals bro and would like to produce more from you. Enjoy.
Thu, Jul 30 12:46 AM writersam123 review of Rap by Emain_1989
Thnx 4 sharing. Nice vocal bro.
Sun, Jul 19 4:23 PM writersam123 review of If I Only Had by Anomaly_Jonez
Thnx 4 sharing AJ. Look forward to producing other pella uploads from you in the...
Fri, Feb 13 8:44 PM writersam123 review of Naturally by Michael Burnz
Nice vocals bro and look forward to more pella to produce and upload to YouTube....
Fri, Jan 9 11:17 AM writersam123 review of First Take by dBL_TheVersifiers
Thnx 4 sharing. Nice pella to work with bro. More of the same please. Enjoy.
Mon, Nov 17 5:40 PM writersam123 review of Spoken Media by Colin Mutchler
Thnx Colin. Moving words and well delivered mate. More of your inspiring creatio...