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Reviews left by VPD

Mon, Jun 5 8:37 AM VPD review of Baby - 90s Soul Track by JansMusic
Smooth, jazzy and chilled! Just how I love it!
Thu, May 18 6:55 AM VPD review of Inner Light by Wiseman
Another masterpiece, sir! Wonderful blending of atmospheric pads and vocals!
Tue, May 2 3:02 AM VPD review of Distractions [STEMS] by Wiseman
Delicious! I work on a 6/8 psychedelic track and I'll gladly come back here for ...
Fri, Apr 28 1:01 PM VPD review of Basic Instinct by Robbero
Well done! Sounds like some forgotten DJ Krush beat popped out from an old diske...
Thu, Oct 14 10:47 PM VPD review of Coconut Window by septahelix
Great composition! Great mix! Great production!
Sat, Aug 22 10:19 AM VPD review of Laying Low by Admiral Bob
Brilliant work! You have one more fan now! :)
Wed, Jan 21 3:06 AM VPD review of Machine loop by diaphane
Beautiful!!! Great work!!!
Wed, Sep 24 5:06 AM VPD review of Homesick by Jeris
Incredible track! Would you like to release some of your stuff with a well-known...
Wed, Sep 24 4:54 AM VPD review of Wrapped Around My Soul (ft Snowflake and Loveshadow) by Doxent Zsigmond
Beautiful!! Great work, peeps!!
Wed, Mar 27 3:11 AM VPD review of Keep it straight by Jeris
That's really amazing piece of work, man!! Looking forward to listen to more stu...
Wed, Mar 27 3:05 AM VPD review of Sexy Beast by Skill_Borrower
Great work!! :) Keep doin' your thing! :)
Thu, Apr 12 5:16 AM VPD review of Blatant Psychosis by Super_Sigil
Brilliant work!!! Lovely chilled ambience and phat drums - things I love the mos...