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Reviews for "Funk Goes The Weasel"

Funk Goes The Weasel
by Zenboy1955
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Thu, Jun 6, 2024 @ 9:18 PM

Samples are used in:

permalink   Fri, Jun 7, 2024 @ 3:52 AM
Some solid funkiness here, great arrangement of classic elements. I especially like the clavinet.

Strangely (wasn’t expecting it) my transition to 11 was without issue.
Well, until a couple weeks ago when I tried to install the software for the EWI. Then, yeah, glitchy glitchy and can’t find a new driver.
permalink   Fri, Jun 7, 2024 @ 11:40 AM
Love it! Incredible composition with great usage of samples! Delicious funky food served! Just what I needed after work!