Reviews left by vincent_vega11

Wed, Jul 26 2:43 PM vincent_vega11 review of What's This? by murat ses
very fresh...the drums are very nice...only one minus-it's too short...give us m...
Sun, Jun 11 4:54 AM vincent_vega11 review of Fly by MC Jack in the Box
this is so cool...can you upload the drum track ?
Wed, May 31 4:51 AM vincent_vega11 review of "Spirit Quest" ft. PorchCat (piano dust mix) by Analog By Nature
the first rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club...excellent wor...
Sat, May 27 1:24 PM vincent_vega11 review of Nothing by Fujimo
well if this isn't an editorial pick then i don't know what is...fujimo for pres...
Sat, May 27 1:07 PM vincent_vega11 review of Stop it by Fujimo
great,great,great...this should be in the 'editorial pick' category...excellent.
Thu, May 18 2:46 PM vincent_vega11 review of Cibelle - Noite de Carnaval (kiret remix) by kiret
the the it all...respect
Wed, May 17 3:42 AM vincent_vega11 review of NOITE DE CARNAVAL (Organic mix) by lumens
very very like,me like :-)...who doesn't like jazz...
Wed, May 17 3:37 AM vincent_vega11 review of Espoit NOKturne, ChoqueTT & Beni-On Vient De Loin ( the dirty water treatment) by J.Lang
excellent remix...great drums...real nice flow...respect.
Sun, May 14 5:52 AM vincent_vega11 review of out of my way by Prof. m.Stereo
you put the t in the trip-hop dude...loveing portishead-ish...
Sun, May 14 4:59 AM vincent_vega11 review of Nebula Dub by _ghost
i just love the bass,and the end of the song is perfect(and the part in the midl...
Fri, May 12 2:07 PM vincent_vega11 review of Contact by adkriech599
wow this is so cool,love the voices and the horns...finaly some one who didn't r...
Fri, May 12 11:03 AM vincent_vega11 review of Shaggin by MC Jack in the Box
so very very cool...shag on man...peace
Fri, May 12 10:59 AM vincent_vega11 review of Glitchy Bass Riff by dj snyder
i like it weird,i like it a lot...just have to find out how to mix it...btw i lo...
Fri, May 12 10:52 AM vincent_vega11 review of ill Hustlin' (Still Remixin') by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
like the man says RESPECT...check my rmx of 'still hustlin'... peace.
Fri, May 12 10:49 AM vincent_vega11 review of still hustlin'-DU-remix by deutscheunschuld
very nicely like...the beat is so cool...check out my rmx of 'still hu...