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Reviews left by veezyn

Sun, May 8 6:45 AM veezyn review of The Fish Apologize To Lorelei (Bluemillenium mayday mix 03) by Speck
Exotic and unique as ever! The best way to protest against corruption (i'm joki...
Sun, May 8 6:34 AM veezyn review of Meaning of the Word by texasradiofish
I don't want to talk about politics , 'cause i know alot about it . But i like...
Sun, May 8 6:22 AM veezyn review of percentages by urmymuse
Cool guitars ,i like it
Sun, May 8 6:17 AM veezyn review of No Brakes by Stefan Kartenberg
Wie immer perfekt Remix
Sun, May 8 6:06 AM veezyn review of L'homme et la machine ( Man and machine) by Bluemillenium
Très intéressant et exotique, une bonne utilisation du vocodeur
Sat, Apr 2 11:48 PM veezyn review of time to wake up by Stefan Kartenberg
Good samples (recorded and performed ) So , i used all . Did you played the dr...
Tue, Mar 22 6:20 AM veezyn review of All World Reggae by Snowflake
Wow ! multi instrumentalist (like Prince). Sounds groovy. I like the arrange , ...
Sat, Dec 5 4:11 AM veezyn review of Hard Working Heads Held High by Speck
Wow ! exotic . and which one is my sample ? (laugh )
Mon, Nov 16 3:21 AM veezyn review of Fever by Snowflake
Cool !!! The lyrics is hard and heavy as the drum beats
Mon, Nov 16 3:07 AM veezyn review of Get Up! by Kara Square
Very cool ! totally different from the original.
Mon, Nov 16 2:52 AM veezyn review of It's a Long Way Up by Stefan Kartenberg
Good sound and concept
Wed, Nov 11 6:18 AM veezyn review of Emin140(70) by unreal_dm
Very high quality sample . I'm working with one of your samples (the second one...
Wed, Oct 28 2:06 AM veezyn review of Earth is Burning by Snowflake
It's a very deep song. The title of the song remind me a song that i like,"Bed...
Tue, Oct 27 8:24 PM veezyn review of Strike the Root by Admiral Bob
Very nice song . I felt a lots of emotions on the lirics and the singing , so, i...
Thu, Oct 22 10:14 AM veezyn review of Put the Needle Down by Snowflake
Beautiful ! everything !! I don't know how , but i like to contribute in somewa...