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Tue, Aug 2 9:16 AM veezyn review of Yume O Yume (Dream your Dream) by reiswerk
Wow! a happy dreaming song . I also like your style (taste ). Your music have ...
Sun, Jul 31 4:45 AM veezyn review of OOH YEAH by THE_CONCEPT_OF_ENERGY
Cool ! thanks for using my pell
Sat, Jul 30 7:05 AM veezyn review of Sex On The Beach by texasradiofish
That's cool !! i like the title and the funny jokes.
Sun, Jul 17 9:23 PM veezyn review of Loin de toi... by Bluemillenium
Yes , the production sounds very good
Sat, Jul 16 1:59 AM veezyn review of Speechless by Stefan Kartenberg
5.1 surround sound ? magnific production
Mon, Jul 11 12:48 AM veezyn review of Talkboxer by texasradiofish
I used the same vocal sample (Temu Bacot ) and remixed for indaba , your ccmixte...
Fri, Jun 17 3:31 PM veezyn review of Ai no Chikai by reiswerk
Very exotic , i loved . It sounds more asian than ever . The production is great...
Sun, Jun 12 5:12 AM veezyn review of Kokoro No Koe O Kikasete (Metal Remix 2016) ft veezyn by Ivan Chew
Wow ! your creativity is awesome (out of my imagination ). I like the way you...
Tue, Jun 7 7:21 AM veezyn review of Some People by Stefan Kartenberg
Wow,your creativity and imagination don't stop.
Sun, Jun 5 8:43 AM veezyn review of Emergence 7: VERDUN by Bluemillenium
Good combination of 2 language.
Sun, Jun 5 8:27 AM veezyn review of written on the wind by Stefan Kartenberg
Bravo Maestro ! very competitive,comparing with the major record label producti...
Wed, Jun 1 12:29 AM veezyn review of You're Loving Me Wrong by texasradiofish
That's funky! and the groove is awesome
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