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Reviews left by urmymuse

Thu, Feb 18 11:47 PM urmymuse review of MetalHeads by Hans Atom
I encourage you to unpack your guitar more often. I like this alot.
Mon, Feb 15 1:12 PM urmymuse review of Of Secret Things by Ivan Chew
Hi Ivan, this is great. Its got a great sixties / slightly psychedelic vibe . If...
Sun, Feb 14 8:58 AM urmymuse review of Promised Land by Benjamin Orth
took a moment to get going and then wow "metal on metal"
Sun, Feb 14 8:49 AM urmymuse review of Empty Room by Fireproof_Babies
the contrast between the pretty guitar / synth sounds and your earnest vocal/ cl...
Sun, Feb 14 8:40 AM urmymuse review of Eat White Bread 2.0 by Fireproof_Babies
i appreciate your guitar whilst contemplating the uneaten crust of the weekend.
Thu, Feb 11 11:57 AM urmymuse review of Vampire by Fireproof_Babies
lux interior-tastic
Sat, Feb 6 10:42 AM urmymuse review of Dark Woods II by Ivan Chew
Hi Ivan ... i hear autumn, mist amongst the trees, suspense, loss, longing. This...
Wed, Feb 3 11:50 AM urmymuse review of Island Journey Reprise by Ivan Chew
Hi Ivan, this a really sublime composition, building beautifully on Papa Zulu's ...
Tue, Feb 2 12:02 PM urmymuse review of Ambitious Beauty Part 2 by Fireproof_Babies
A rich soup of refreshingly real sounds (as always!) .... reminds me of many hap...
Sun, Jan 31 6:53 AM urmymuse review of You are (funky mix) by Zapac
Sat, Jan 23 10:40 AM urmymuse review of Necessary Divergence by Fireproof_Babies
moving and humorous at the same time ... i used to play chess with my girlfriend...
Sat, Jan 23 10:25 AM urmymuse review of Our Resolve by Ivan Chew
Hi Ivan, this works really well, very atmospheric, with some nice suprises ( the...
Sat, Jan 9 1:06 AM urmymuse review of Green Rock by Ivan Chew
nice one Ivan , captures the joyful feel of the vocal
Mon, Dec 21 2:34 PM urmymuse review of For My Shoogie by Ivan Chew
Hi Ivan, are you sure this is soft rock ? where i come from soft rock is a pejor...
Mon, Dec 21 2:26 PM urmymuse review of Sleep by Fireproof_Babies
i have not erased this its too f***ing good