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Reviews left by urmymuse

Sun, Jul 8 9:14 AM urmymuse review of The Shifting Sun Experiment by Aussens@iter
Really epic mix! Thanks for selecting pink granite coast to be in there, i have ...
Sun, Jul 8 8:55 AM urmymuse review of deflection by airtone
Lovely delicate mix. Great work !
Sun, Jul 8 8:52 AM urmymuse review of Shifting Steel by Scomber
Another great one! Massive productivity, no compromise on quality
Sun, Jul 8 8:47 AM urmymuse review of Shifting Sun by Scomber
Very summer suitable! great live set so far !!
Sun, Jul 8 8:43 AM urmymuse review of Sunshine Bay by Scomber
Catchy summer sunshine track .... great work !
Sun, Jul 8 8:38 AM urmymuse review of Song for a song by Ivan Chew
Lovely mix Ivan
Sun, Jul 8 8:34 AM urmymuse review of The Beat Generation: Lenny Bruce by texasradiofish
Super cool ! love it :)
Sun, Jul 8 8:29 AM urmymuse review of 76deep (Apoxode Mix) by Apoxode
crazy good! love it cant leave it :)
Sun, Jul 8 8:25 AM urmymuse review of DCOSS by onlymeith
Emotional, moving mix .. love it :)
Sun, Jul 8 8:22 AM urmymuse review of Shambala (Just Imagine) by Snowflake
Just lovely :)
Mon, Jul 2 2:41 PM urmymuse review of Fanfare for Uke by Kara Square
Mon, Jul 2 2:38 PM urmymuse review of Up + Up (Apoxode Mix) by Apoxode
effing lovely ... great track, really great ending
Mon, Jul 2 2:35 PM urmymuse review of Whole Tone Jungle (Apoxode Mix) by Apoxode
Your work rate is amazing! slightly edgy discordant funk. Love it
Mon, Jul 2 12:11 PM urmymuse review of The New Americana by Speck
Excellent excellent. As David B once said "to be insulted by these fascists is...
Sat, Jun 30 12:30 PM urmymuse review of The Beach (Apoxode Mix) by Apoxode
wow u r on fire