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Reviews left by Trifonic

Sun, Apr 20 2:54 PM Trifonic review of Sooner Or Later (Above The Glass Mix) by DJ Rkod
Beautiful mix. I love it. LT
Sun, Apr 20 2:49 PM Trifonic review of Sooner Or Later by dgeis
Really nice. I particularly like what you did with the chorus section - it's bea...
Sun, Apr 20 2:38 PM Trifonic review of Lies by bento box
Very nice. I love the idea here - never would have occurred to me, but it totall...
Sun, Apr 20 2:28 PM Trifonic review of lies ( electro house remix) by im:Takt
I really like it! This one's going on the ipod. LT
Sun, Apr 20 2:24 PM Trifonic review of Lies (psychedelic campfire mix) by teru
I always thought an acoustic version of this track would be nice... I guess grea...
Sun, Apr 20 2:16 PM Trifonic review of Broken (Glitch House Mix) by karmickill
Nice production and edits!
Sun, Apr 20 2:09 PM Trifonic review of The Tears of Lady X by Loveshadow
Love the sounds you use, and the way you phrased the vocals is interesting... ve...
Mon, Apr 14 10:03 AM Trifonic review of just another lie by Tomas PhUsIoN
Haha! Well sorry to foil YOUR plan, but you didn't ruin anything here. I love th...
Fri, Apr 11 11:45 AM Trifonic review of Lies (George Ellinas rmx) by George_Ellinas
If someone asked me a month ago, "Can you imagine rocking out in a club to Lies?...
Fri, Apr 11 11:35 AM Trifonic review of The Sweetest Sin by Loveshadow
AWESOME! A completely different take on the original tune that totally works - t...
Thu, Jan 11 12:53 AM Trifonic review of Hooked on Fonics (two minute tech mix) by cdk
Very nice! The cut you did of that Next Step bass line is great... Trifonic give...
Fri, Jun 2 3:12 PM Trifonic review of Like A Sunrise (Treatment) by fourstones
Really nice work! LT
Thu, Apr 13 3:18 PM Trifonic review of Remember (cinematrik rework) by cinematrik
Tim, this track is friggin awesome. I love it, and I want one just like to rhyme...
Tue, Mar 14 6:46 PM Trifonic review of Copyright Criminals (Straight Fuckin' Criminal Mixdown) by The Evolution Control Committee
This is dope ... love the vocal work.
Fri, Aug 19 9:41 AM Trifonic review of trifonc blast (cdk method mix) by cdk
geuh! sounds great, really nice work. and btw, i love the sample. :)