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Reviews left by Trifonic

Sun, Apr 20 2:54 PM Trifonic review of Sooner Or Later (Above The Glass Mix) by DJ Rkod
Beautiful mix. I love it. LT
Sun, Apr 20 2:49 PM Trifonic review of Sooner Or Later by dgeis
Really nice. I particularly like what you did with the chorus section - it's bea...
Sun, Apr 20 2:38 PM Trifonic review of Lies by bento box
Very nice. I love the idea here - never would have occurred to me, but it totall...
Sun, Apr 20 2:28 PM Trifonic review of lies ( electro house remix) by im:Takt
I really like it! This one's going on the ipod. LT
Sun, Apr 20 2:24 PM Trifonic review of Lies (psychedelic campfire mix) by teru
I always thought an acoustic version of this track would be nice... I guess grea...
Sun, Apr 20 2:16 PM Trifonic review of Broken (Glitch House Mix) by karmickill
Nice production and edits!
Sun, Apr 20 2:09 PM Trifonic review of The Tears of Lady X by Loveshadow
Love the sounds you use, and the way you phrased the vocals is interesting... ve...
Mon, Apr 14 10:03 AM Trifonic review of just another lie by Tomas PhUsIoN
Haha! Well sorry to foil YOUR plan, but you didn't ruin anything here. I love th...
Fri, Apr 11 11:45 AM Trifonic review of Lies (George Ellinas rmx) by George_Ellinas
If someone asked me a month ago, "Can you imagine rocking out in a club to Lies?...
Fri, Apr 11 11:35 AM Trifonic review of The Sweetest Sin by Loveshadow
AWESOME! A completely different take on the original tune that totally works - t...
Thu, Jan 11 12:53 AM Trifonic review of Hooked on Fonics (two minute tech mix) by Analog By Nature
Very nice! The cut you did of that Next Step bass line is great... Trifonic give...
Fri, Jun 2 3:12 PM Trifonic review of Like A Sunrise (Treatment) by fourstones
Really nice work! LT