Tobi (transm):

Reviews left by Tobi

Mon, Mar 15 10:41 AM Tobi review of Tears of a Tin-Man by KOÄN
great bass-fundament, smooth and crisp at the same time. almost hypnotic.
Mon, Mar 15 10:38 AM Tobi review of Please Stop by danoan522
Great sound design - works from sec 1
Mon, Mar 15 10:31 AM Tobi review of Rhythm Stalker by KOÄN
Great track - love the steady flow without being boring. Nice!
Tue, Mar 31 11:56 AM Tobi review of Dream of Flight queenie music ambtax1 mix music by ambtax1
Really like the track! Only one small wish: a little bit more bass to make ...
Sun, Mar 29 6:37 AM Tobi review of Exurb by gurdonark
Great cool-down Track. I dig this!
Sun, Mar 29 6:24 AM Tobi review of Take you higher (scmixer electro tech mix) by s.c.mixer
Great track - thanks!! btw: I would love to hear a with more bass drum punch ...
Tue, Mar 24 1:09 PM Tobi review of Edison's Medicine (Charlie Mix) by uglifruit
Good track. Really like the overall atmosphere. For the feedback: - Is the c...
Wed, Mar 18 5:00 AM Tobi review of Out of it (Dutch version) by Geert Veneklaas
Perfect piece . I really dig the groove and the overall feeling.
Tue, Mar 10 4:03 PM Tobi review of - by Kwame
I really dig the groove.
Thu, Oct 9 9:32 AM Tobi review of December by Derek Wright
I agree with George: Really good track but work on the vocal integration. The ha...
Fri, Aug 22 5:50 AM Tobi review of The ground's on fire (feat. Kristin Hersh) by Geert Veneklaas
Good combination of sounds! I like to whole mix but agree with Le_Did it would b...
Thu, Aug 21 1:25 AM Tobi review of Go Getta Remix by krb2388
Nice distortion :D