Reviews left by tigabeatz

Tue, Jul 31 12:32 PM tigabeatz review of The Music Is Multiplying @ Ccmixter by copperhead
wow, very cool song and good mix. i would like to see a video featuring this so...
Tue, Jul 31 12:23 PM tigabeatz review of Take It From Me by Javolenus
great idea javo! sadly i have to prepare for a certification test, would like t...
Tue, Jul 24 12:37 PM tigabeatz review of Moth To A Flame by Javolenus
definetly, i am javolenus addicted. love this one and got some ideas for playing...
Mon, Jul 16 10:34 AM tigabeatz review of Dm128-TigaSwingGroove by Javolenus
;-) again, javolenus, great guitar work on this! i should have used a more sizzl...
Sat, Jul 14 6:10 AM tigabeatz review of Free Music! by Steven M Bryant
sponantious free hugh to you cos of feel good while listening. :-)
Sat, Jul 14 5:36 AM tigabeatz review of CCMixter (We are not evil) by Abstract Audio
wow, very abstract.. :-) good job
Sun, Jul 8 5:51 AM tigabeatz review of Cm95-TigaJavGroove by Javolenus
Javo, Javo.. you must have had a bunch of groove with your motherĀ“s milk! i rea...
Mon, Jun 18 1:14 PM tigabeatz review of It's That Same Old Thing by copperhead
...instant good mood... makes me smile. :-)
Tue, Mar 6 1:06 PM tigabeatz review of Like Music by pheraph
very musical! realy enjoyed to listen!
Tue, Mar 6 12:47 PM tigabeatz review of Come Home - Martyn Mix by KungFu
nice chilly overall sound and superb atmosphere. And i always love the udu drum...
Tue, Mar 6 8:05 AM tigabeatz review of Once I Went You-Beat Box Mix by Jeris
very very funny! thanks this one made me smile all over my face!
Sun, Mar 4 11:42 AM tigabeatz review of Once I Went You by Zep Hurme
great mix. super integration of the vocals. very appreciatethis song!
Thu, Mar 1 2:20 PM tigabeatz review of Love Song by Speck
Speck, thats crazy (i like crazy)!;-)
Mon, Feb 27 10:28 AM tigabeatz review of PeaceLoveSoul by Jeris
wooojaaahhh ... dab dab dabdab... (screaming, and shaking). thats groovy stuff
Sat, Feb 25 5:57 PM tigabeatz review of Gm130-AcousticGuitarArp by Javolenus
Hi, i loved to jam with your loop! Great Feel! Only disadvantage was that your o...