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Thu, Nov 6 10:15 AM Features :: Permission to Kill (a Feature)?
My sister calls the collaboration feature "the kiss of death". ; ) Personally...
Mon, Nov 3 8:37 AM The Big OT :: Hardware
One thing to keep in mind is most new PCs are sold with Vista now instead of XP...
Fri, Oct 31 12:28 PM Pluggy Plugs :: Cool Music
doh. fixed. Thanks for another excellent show. :)
Wed, Oct 29 8:45 PM The Big OT :: Yea Phils!!!!!
Congrats Philadelphia! PS- nice new avatar. :)
Sun, Oct 26 5:45 PM The Big OT :: Happy Birthday Teru!
nice. : )
Sat, Oct 25 9:23 AM The Big OT :: Happy Birthday Teru!
Thanks everyone! : ) Man, I definitely feel a day older this morning. ; )
Fri, Oct 24 9:10 AM The Big OT :: Happy Birthday Teru!
Ugh. It's a lie. Don't believe it. It's not my Birthday. In fact I don't have Bi...
Tue, Oct 14 11:20 AM The Big OT :: Is this the story of the OG remix crossover hit?
I hope this one works. Thanks CG.
Sat, Oct 11 3:50 PM The Big OT :: Radiohead participates in fraud/rip-off
It is my understanding that the licenses offered here are in the best interest o...
Fri, Oct 10 1:33 AM The Big OT :: Favorites from the archive
The archive keeps surprising me. Like this Blackberry remix of BS from 2006 I mi...
Mon, Oct 6 2:06 PM Pluggy Plugs :: instrumental remixes
Some instrumental versions of remixes I've done for anybody looking to sing, voi...
Sun, Oct 5 3:34 PM Bugs :: Sample Pool
Thanks V.
Sun, Oct 5 1:02 PM The Big OT :: mis-attribution vs non-attribution
I understand where you're coming from. (this is like arguing with myself really....
Sun, Oct 5 12:37 PM Bugs :: Sample Pool
My latest remix includes a sample from AudioCookBook but I was not able to bring...
Sat, Oct 4 3:22 PM The Big OT :: mis-attribution vs non-attribution
"maybe that's a drawback of the way ccMixter presents remixes? " Please don't...