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Reviews left by sunbyrn

Fri, Mar 17 6:32 PM sunbyrn review of Twinkle, Twinkle by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
As you know, I've been out of touch as of late with the Commons Site, so how con...
Tue, May 31 6:58 PM sunbyrn review of ill Hustlin' (Still Remixin') by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
out da box yo... i gotta bow to you on this one
Wed, May 18 10:46 AM sunbyrn review of Brilliant night rmx by The fog society
Nice overall feel. This remix sounds pretty different from most that I have hea...
Sat, May 14 10:04 PM sunbyrn review of fartypants by antialias
There are some elements here that remind me of Prefuse 73 and Bit Medler. I'm d...
Sat, May 14 9:48 PM sunbyrn review of bubblehead by antialias
I'm not exactly sure I can tell you why I like this piece, but I do.
Sat, May 14 9:34 PM sunbyrn review of borderline-DU-remix by deutscheunschuld
This sounds good from all points.
Sat, May 14 9:27 PM sunbyrn review of Bevel (Walled & Drilled) by cinematrik
Oh man...when those drums finally came in...WOW. Excellent buildup. Good arran...
Sat, May 14 9:19 PM sunbyrn review of Skyt-zo-fren-ix by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
How did I miss this song before? Anyways, maybe I heard it before and got caught...
Sat, May 14 9:07 PM sunbyrn review of Tinderbox by rjmarshall
I like the chord progressions very much, and the arrangement was put together ni...
Sat, May 14 9:01 PM sunbyrn review of Dance of the Urbanite by rjmarshall
Nice one.
Sat, May 14 8:40 PM sunbyrn review of Girl and Superhuman Girl (Surreal remix) by shockshadow
Welcome back Shock. Nice to see you haven't lost your touch for making good musi...
Fri, May 13 9:50 AM sunbyrn review of borderline-teru-remix-remix by teru
I just got home ready to kick back with a drink, and this was the first song I h...
Thu, May 12 8:49 AM sunbyrn review of SugarPlumHoneyBunSoundtrack by LastChance
I was involved in a project that performed skits along with dialogue and live mu...
Wed, May 11 12:36 PM sunbyrn review of Blades Extravaganza Trailer by Cezary Ostrowski
Great piece of work.
Wed, May 11 10:41 AM sunbyrn review of History by Comfortable Silence
Some good ideas going on here. I like how you pitched up the vocals and put the...