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Reviews left by Subliminal

Thu, Oct 26 10:05 AM Subliminal review of There is a Gap by Kara Square
Great spoken word piece and an equally great and subtle backdrop. It really supp...
Wed, Oct 25 8:18 AM Subliminal review of Areyevil (Beyond Lost) by Speck
Definitely my cup of tea.
Fri, Oct 20 9:42 PM Subliminal review of Reptilian Eyes by Abstract Audio
Music to wake up to. ;-) (I am listening to this at 6:47 on a Saturday morning.)
Wed, Oct 11 11:04 AM Subliminal review of Are You Scared Yet by Speck
I agree with Martin (and Martijn ;-) ). I am working on something with Martin's ...
Wed, Oct 11 11:02 AM Subliminal review of A Dream Within a Dream by Kara Square
You've painted a most fitting atmosphere for this well delivered poem.
Wed, Oct 11 10:50 AM Subliminal review of Wired But Disconnected by Zep Hurme
Wow indeed! What a great production and arrangement. Top-notch all-around.
Wed, Oct 11 10:37 AM Subliminal review of U just aint me by reiswerk
Nice production.
Tue, Oct 3 10:26 AM Subliminal review of Ghostly Ambience by Doxent Zsigmond
This is the right stuff for the occasion. Btw, I checked out the Ambitron softw...
Sun, Oct 1 8:22 AM Subliminal review of Power To Strike by Aussens@iter
This is bloody fantastic! Not something you hear a lot around these parts.
Fri, Dec 16 10:05 PM Subliminal review of The Power by Stefan Kartenberg
A beatifully crafted piece of music and a most enjoyable listen. Compliments.
Sat, Nov 26 9:46 PM Subliminal review of Blindly Love by unreal_dm
Easily the best remix of this great pella.
Mon, Nov 21 10:52 AM Subliminal review of Blindly Love by Kara Square
I came here after listening to Piero Peluche's remix. Good stuff, both lyrically...
Sat, Nov 12 10:40 PM Subliminal review of Dream of MorrĂ­gan by robomusic
This is a most beautiful soundscape.
Sat, Nov 12 12:02 PM Subliminal review of Remember Us by Doxent Zsigmond
I could try and come up with something profound to say, but this is just great.
Thu, Nov 10 7:39 PM Subliminal review of Stomp Dance by panu
I like this a lot. It just proves that you don't need a lot of tracks to make a ...