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Reviews left by stefsax

Sat, Nov 18 11:39 PM stefsax review of à meia-noite levarei tua alma [at midnight I shall take your soul] by fubamgo
Nice,It has,however,something,......sadly and funny!!.Only you have work on it (...
Thu, Nov 16 5:51 AM stefsax review of Colors Shifting (Vocals) by Christopher Willits
Very nice harmonie of voices,great
Thu, Nov 9 3:50 PM stefsax review of God Bandit (Live!?) by minimal_art
WOOOUUUW,this is really excellent ,the bests thing what i heard here on ccMixter...
Wed, Nov 8 2:59 AM stefsax review of All the beet just by Nitropox@CCmixter
VERY nice,smoody&little jazzy.All samples are appropriate well together,i like ...
Tue, Nov 7 4:54 AM stefsax review of Sunrise (extended Jessurun remix ) by Klaus_N
I like it.Nice song.I'm a fan of pink floyd,so..
Sun, Nov 5 12:41 PM stefsax review of Who? (The Mix Pack Experience) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
VERY GOOD,perfect sound,good job man,5/5 rating
Sun, Nov 5 2:33 AM stefsax review of Like a Sunrise by Klaus_N
Good idee,nice concept, but bass,sorry, it is not good (i am simply honest),it d...
Thu, Nov 2 8:33 PM stefsax review of Coming For Your Crown (remix) (demo) by Analog By Nature
Yeah,cool man,nice rhytm,it is once something else then always that heavy beats,...
Thu, Nov 2 8:01 PM stefsax review of Almost Live At Club Brassmataz by KCentric
Freaky man.My alto sax is a soprano sax now,funny.Thanks for using my sample,i a...
Tue, Oct 31 4:48 PM stefsax review of Guilty By Association - by teru
Cool man,you make from the alto sax a soprano sax sound,well done
Mon, Oct 30 3:49 AM stefsax review of BOUDY (Coumba Mauritania RMIX) by BOCrew
I like this song or remix,special the groove(tempo) is cool.
Sat, Oct 28 8:16 AM stefsax review of Wasted Youth by NoiseCollector
I like it too man,nice groove,yeahhhh..
Thu, Oct 26 5:28 AM stefsax review of 2am (Instrumental Re-arrangement) by teru
Very nice teru,you did a great job man,i like it,good ending
Wed, Oct 25 4:48 AM stefsax review of ..take a Breather by DJ BLUE
Hi,nice using of delay effect on drums and especially on the voice.But one thing...
Tue, Oct 24 6:02 AM stefsax review of sax16 by Hemeleen
Sorry, i dont like all samples,a couple perhaps.What disturbs me is the saxsound...