Perfect Harmony Remix Event

Reviews left by Speck

Sun, Aug 11 6:54 AM Speck review of anyOtherDay by airtone
Prolonged perfection with brilliant transitions (I love what happened at about 4...
Sun, Aug 11 6:40 AM Speck review of Startrip SpatialAudio(Headphone3D) by tigabeatz
Cool exploration with a great groove.
Sun, Aug 11 6:32 AM Speck review of All it takes by Siobhan Dakay
Wow, beautiful song, great clean production.
Sun, Aug 11 6:25 AM Speck review of Odder Stuff (Duckettized) by 7OOP3D
Strong mix, flows flawlessly.
Sun, Aug 11 6:19 AM Speck review of Shine Through (ReDucktion Mix) by duckett
Sweet ReDucktion. Great mood match.
Sun, Aug 11 6:10 AM Speck review of Breathe (Travel Light) by Snowflake
Great choice of tracks to work with. Airtone's traveLight is a beautiful piece a...
Sun, Aug 11 4:37 AM Speck review of Panacea for the Masses by Apoxode
I usually listen to secret mixter event uploads in chronological order but seein...
Sun, Aug 11 4:27 AM Speck review of Inside the Sixth Edge by Apoxode
I think this is the most straightforward mix I've heard from you. Simple and eff...
Fri, Aug 9 2:50 AM Speck review of Resistance by Javolenus
Nice one. It really pulls you in.
Thu, Aug 8 6:12 AM Speck review of March of the Toy Robots by Apoxode
Clever (in a good way). Hmm... I wonder if this could be taken another step furt...
Thu, Aug 8 5:48 AM Speck review of Night Jazz by KhalafNasirs
This is really good. But you forgot to upload the stems/samples. Mixes are not a...
Wed, Aug 7 2:51 AM Speck review of Swing Low by reiswerk
Cool vocal play.
Tue, Aug 6 4:00 AM Speck review of Will You Ignore It ? by Calyman
Excellent. Very dramatic. Well played.
Mon, Aug 5 9:48 AM Speck review of Border Ballad by Javolenus
Excellent. Nice to hear the acoustic and the ebow together.
Mon, Aug 5 9:44 AM Speck review of Wet Doodles by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Doodlicious. (I always want stems.)