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Reviews left by Speck

Fri, Feb 1 3:47 AM Speck review of Altar by Anoq
That's quite lovely. Well done.
Fri, Feb 1 3:40 AM Speck review of Escape from Mars 180 by Apoxode
Great drive, great sound, much enjoyed.
Fri, Feb 1 3:30 AM Speck review of DBM 142 BPM Drums &Bass by copperhead
These drum (and now bass) samples you've been sharing are fantastic. Thank you.
Wed, Jan 30 6:39 AM Speck review of Unbutton by Alex_J_Stephens
Great job of matching your vocals with the musical energy/intensity. Well done.
Wed, Jan 30 6:32 AM Speck review of Online Musical Journal Journey by septahelix
Wed, Jan 30 3:41 AM Speck review of Escape from Mars'80 by SergioDag
Two synth loops and a vocal that sounds like it's in the next room and this gets...
Mon, Jan 28 4:20 AM Speck review of Bouncy Fun by Apoxode
Hmmm... that would go pretty well with the 12yr-old Super-Herbie beatboxing. It...
Mon, Jan 28 4:10 AM Speck review of Wall of Sound by Apoxode
Excellent. Really well built.
Mon, Jan 28 4:01 AM Speck review of Tremmery by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Sweet and soulful funky finery.
Sat, Jan 26 6:45 AM Speck review of Freaks by Stefan Kartenberg
You put a big smile on my face this morning. Thank you.
Sat, Jan 26 4:22 AM Speck review of Garnet Wine by raja_ffm
Very nice. Shades of Morcheeba. Really well done.
Fri, Jan 25 7:03 AM Speck review of It's Only Me Remix instrumental by fourtrack
Separate tracks please. A mix is not a sample.
Fri, Jan 25 4:58 AM Speck review of Developing Dementia by Apoxode
Well atmospheric, music for thought.
Fri, Jan 25 4:54 AM Speck review of Living in the Future Now by Mr_Yesterday
Funky bass, theremin, scat, humor and truth. Love it.
Fri, Jan 25 4:30 AM Speck review of Electric Shadow Smile by septahelix
Mmmm, sparkly.