Break the Silence Event

Reviews left by Speck

Thu, Jul 30 1:11 PM Speck review of "Sacrafice Mon!" by mykleanthony
A very well done reggae incarnation of Panu's song. With soul. Very cool.
Thu, Jul 30 1:04 PM Speck review of mOaNiNG_Q by _riva_savant_stereofoam_
Very chill and spacious with a nice dubby quality. Excellent sound, enjoyable tr...
Sun, Jul 26 5:55 AM Speck review of jazzy octopus by Niemandsland
I was just thinking to myself yesterday 'I hope he puts some sax up to sample'. ...
Fri, Jul 24 10:19 AM Speck review of Aimée by Briareus
Sweet and silky smooth. Very much enjoyed.
Fri, Jul 24 10:12 AM Speck review of Cuttlefish by gurdonark
Lovin' the minimalist approach here. I just finished a piece using those kitchen...
Fri, Jul 24 10:01 AM Speck review of Shoes by Niemandsland
Sax and voice very cool. It's all very cool. Not a clue what it's about but I su...
Thu, Jul 23 9:05 AM Speck review of Emily by CiggiBurns
You paint a portrait with your words, giving a sad tinge to the electro pop back...
Wed, Jul 22 9:59 AM Speck review of acoustic by delmo
I've heard those guitar samples (used a couple of them) and am impressed by your...
Mon, Jul 20 11:05 AM Speck review of Five Mile Cycle by short hopper
I like the 'anything can happen' feel to this. And I like what does.
Mon, Jul 20 11:00 AM Speck review of Oh I'll Never Forget Ole' What's Her Name by unreal_dm
Honky tonk Anchor, why not. Very well done. Leaves me with a big ol' smile.
Sun, Jul 19 6:54 AM Speck review of MusicCorrosive by ghosts4hire
There's a lot going on. The way you use vocals is a real treat for my sensors, a...
Sat, Jul 18 8:02 AM Speck review of Pequennas Alas by KiSaK
Just right, light touch. Perfect pace, beautiful piece.
Wed, Jul 15 6:24 PM Speck review of Listen by fourstones
Well, that sure is a nice one to just fall into, let wash over me with all it's ...
Wed, Jul 15 6:11 PM Speck review of At a Monkey's Wedding by Fireproof_Babies
It certainly is vibrant. Love where you take the guitar after the half-way point...
Sun, Jul 12 7:54 AM Speck review of HUEY- Say it Loud Mix !!!! by J.Lang
Is it OK if I am reminded of Gil Scott-Heron? I like being reminded that spoken ...