Holiday Funk & Blues Event

Reviews left by Snowflake

Mon, Jul 6 4:26 PM Snowflake review of People Let's Stop The War (Free My People Mix) by Vidian
wow. that will definitely stop the war! especially if we all drop some acid firs...
Sun, Jul 5 12:03 PM Snowflake review of Let's stop the war by ditto ditto
wow. i loved this last night when i first heard it (in my drunken stupor!)
Sun, Jun 14 2:12 PM Snowflake review of George's House (Geo's Mix) by Vidian
bad ass. yep, bad ass. xxxx ~snowflake
Mon, Jun 8 12:46 PM Snowflake review of apologize (jerry club mix) by novaforma
i like the clean minimalistic approach to this...nice work!
Tue, May 26 10:56 AM Snowflake review of Apologize (GE Inside Out Remix) by George_Ellinas
Damn. I love the vocal edits....particularly how you started at the third verse ...
Tue, May 12 9:15 AM Snowflake review of Apologize (Breakbeat Mix) by Martin Preston
i really love this remix....i am putting together a release of my favorite remix...
Mon, May 11 11:29 AM Snowflake review of Providence ( All My Days ) by Loveshadow
it is amazing, the way a song can take so many shapes. i'm honored to part of th...
Sun, May 10 11:04 AM Snowflake review of New Kitchen Sink for Snowflake by radiotimes
this is clever, creative and oh so cooooooooool! ~snowflake
Mon, May 4 11:58 PM Snowflake review of 69 by JohnJones
i so have to use this! lol ~snowflake
Sun, Apr 26 9:38 AM Snowflake review of Blessed are the Greedy (RE-UP!) by Snowflake by mykleanthony
love the deep tuba and other horn parts...reminds me of Tom Waits -- he is one o...
Wed, Apr 22 10:59 AM Snowflake review of Apologize by LostieTS
hey lostieTS... i'd love to include this remix on a special creative commons ...
Tue, Apr 21 11:39 AM Snowflake review of Sorry by radiotimes
hey radiotimes! thanks for an amazing remix - i love it! what is the green cha...
Mon, Apr 20 10:46 AM Snowflake review of Can We ? by Loveshadow
have been listening to all the mixes, all night. still can't pick just one winne...
Fri, Apr 17 10:21 PM Snowflake review of Actions Speak Louder Than Words by essesq
love the panning of the vocals in the bridge....
Thu, Apr 16 7:43 PM Snowflake review of 621 by Loveshadow
impressive editing and line-up into a completely different time signature...beau...