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Reviews left by Snowflake

Wed, Nov 4 12:37 PM Snowflake review of In Out by SackJo22
Damn girl. This is hot!!!! I love your voice! What a pairing, you & CDK - unstop...
Wed, Nov 4 12:33 PM Snowflake review of Dub Philosophy Revisited by Anchor
this is sending me into, well, bliss. gorgeous. lovely.
Wed, Nov 4 12:16 PM Snowflake review of i want to shout out (Mendez & Muna RMX) by Fringe Kollective
this makes me wanna shake my thang! nice!
Wed, Nov 4 12:04 PM Snowflake review of I'm on to You (First Snow in Mitte Mix) by Aamu
love the piano intro and then the transition into the rhythm. the vocal is well ...
Wed, Nov 4 12:02 PM Snowflake review of Ophelia's Song (irish4t's Dub Mix) by irish4t
yes, definitely feeling the massive attack vibe here. (have i mentioned i *heart...
Wed, Nov 4 11:48 AM Snowflake review of Fresh Boogie by onlymeith
dark, mysterious....spooky! dig.
Wed, Nov 4 11:35 AM Snowflake review of Alex by MC Jack in the Box
i love the bass sounds and melody. this is great!!!
Wed, Nov 4 11:33 AM Snowflake review of Ancient Desert Snowflake by Colin Mutchler
thank you colin. i appreciate you chopping me up - it is fun to be reassmebled :...
Wed, Nov 4 11:32 AM Snowflake review of Floating Shells by The Suit, Inc.
this sounds like floating shells! love the pizz..... nice.
Wed, Nov 4 11:22 AM Snowflake review of him walk deep by DoKashiteru
this is incredible. lovely how the high voicings provide a glimmering ceiling ov...
Wed, Nov 4 11:13 AM Snowflake review of Reflections by Alex
this is a sound-scape journey and feels like a dark night drive through through ...
Wed, Nov 4 11:06 AM Snowflake review of Don't You? by gmz
love the movement of the bass line. it has the airy, peaceful bounce of the Beac...
Wed, Nov 4 11:04 AM Snowflake review of I HATE Radio (808 Bass Mix) by KCentric
this is totally cool, chill....perfect for a martini!
Wed, Nov 4 11:00 AM Snowflake review of Favorite Human by Kaer Trouz
wow. massive attack meets natalie merchant. this is powerful. powerful.
Wed, Nov 4 10:58 AM Snowflake review of U TERU S . Birth of Souls by Loveshadow
Dear are seeping with talent, vision, polish. this is mind-ben...