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Reviews left by Snowflake

Thu, Dec 15 11:42 AM Snowflake review of The Solstice With The Mostest (take two) by Speck
your vocal and lyric are incredibly clever and wonderfully performed. each music...
Thu, Dec 15 11:40 AM Snowflake review of Frozen Lace by Speck
This concept of "emptiness" has come up multiple times for me in the last week. ...
Thu, Dec 15 11:31 AM Snowflake review of chromatic x-mas swing by Stefan Kartenberg
your talent knows no boundaries
Thu, Dec 15 11:30 AM Snowflake review of Chromatic Stones by Apoxode
rhythmically, perfectly AWESOME!
Thu, Dec 15 11:28 AM Snowflake review of Dream Stones by spinningmerkaba
hell yeahhhhhhh! rockin'! (lyrics please!!)
Thu, Dec 8 8:27 PM Snowflake review of Christmas Eve. by Loveshadow
The heartbreak this time of year seems more pronounced, the wounds deeper and mo...
Tue, Dec 6 3:06 PM Snowflake review of Alberti Fractal by mwic
Mon, Dec 5 8:45 AM Snowflake review of California Winter by raja_ffm
All I can say is WOW. You've transformed a poppy holiday song into something hau...
Mon, Dec 5 8:40 AM Snowflake review of this christmas with me by Kristian
Beautiful! Those strings!
Sun, Dec 4 12:44 PM Snowflake review of This Christmas Eve by Stefan Kartenberg
incredible pitch shifting! sounds as though I sung it this way. so very creative...
Sat, Dec 3 11:47 AM Snowflake review of The Solstice is an Edge by SackJo22
an illuminated soundtrack for the season! Each sound, voice and rhythm sings in ...
Sat, Dec 3 11:45 AM Snowflake review of Guitars for "Solstice Is An Edge" by Ezra Skull
such warm, beautiful tone!
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