Ocean Dreams Music Event

Reviews left by Snowflake

Wed, Jun 29 7:38 PM Snowflake review of Gamma Waves by spinningmerkaba
is that you on trumpet, in duet with the whales!? amazing. your expressive dream...
Wed, Jun 29 7:36 PM Snowflake review of Deeper and Deeper (Skjevia) by SackJo22
as i listen i pass through the seven layers, breathing the sound of whales, bina...
Wed, Jun 29 7:34 PM Snowflake review of Skeviga (Walter Berry) by Dreamers
powerful emotion and imagery.
Mon, Jun 27 6:09 PM Snowflake review of Ocean Dreams (Septahelix Remix) by septahelix
unique rhythms reign in my mind to listen for a deep dive under the ocean waves....
Mon, Jun 27 6:07 PM Snowflake review of Ocean Dreams Meditation by Kara Square
Listening deeply as I let a calm quartet of peaceful sounds and beats lead me in...
Mon, Jun 27 6:04 PM Snowflake review of Cetacean Meditation by Zenboy1955
Your music guides me to the oceans, to peer beneath the surface and then find th...
Mon, Jun 27 6:02 PM Snowflake review of Whale Song: Molecular Media Matters by texasradiofish
wow, whales as a horn section setting the tone for a national geographic sonic e...
Mon, Jun 27 5:40 PM Snowflake review of BC' s moonlight whale by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Your treatment of the whales with rhythm and melodies in supporting surround som...
Mon, Jun 27 5:38 PM Snowflake review of SackJo22_-_Dreaming_Oceans by MalreDeszik
a dynamic journey through sound dreams.
Mon, Jun 27 5:37 PM Snowflake review of Ocean Dreams (Graceful Urgency mix) by Speck
i'm captivated! from start to finish. there's an entire world underwater here.
Mon, Jun 27 5:36 PM Snowflake review of The Harajuka Girl And The Whaler Boy by Radioontheshelf
I'm drawn in by your vibrant story telling, enveloped with angelic sound.
Mon, Jun 27 5:33 PM Snowflake review of echolocation by airtone
Magically inspired and executed. The patience of your build in the song structur...