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Reviews left by Snowflake

Sat, Nov 11 3:24 PM Snowflake review of Face the End (String) by Siobhan Dakay
Hauntingly beautiful! I LOVE the intricacy of the string arrangement. When I wro...
Fri, Nov 10 1:16 PM Snowflake review of Escape Pod by Zep Hurme
I alternate between tea and coffee, because I get easily addicted to coffee and ...
Sun, Nov 5 7:45 PM Snowflake review of Turkish Delite by Rey Izain
absolutely amazing stems!
Fri, Nov 3 11:10 AM Snowflake review of Silent Night with Native American Flute in D minor by ephemeral rift
absolutely gorgeous.
Fri, Nov 3 10:38 AM Snowflake review of O Tannenbaum / Oh Christmas Tree by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
invites the spirit of the holidays completely!
Fri, Nov 3 10:37 AM Snowflake review of Silent Night (Music Box) (H4n) by Doxent Zsigmond
Fri, Nov 3 9:59 AM Snowflake review of This Winter by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
great addition! :)
Thu, Nov 2 6:29 PM Snowflake review of Hark by AudioCave
wonderful production!
Thu, Nov 2 6:26 PM Snowflake review of Song for Snowflake by Rataxes
this is freakin' awesome!!!!! please remix me some more!! :D
Thu, Nov 2 5:14 PM Snowflake review of Holiday Funky Blues by raja_ffm
love the unique sounds sprinkled throughout and the chill concept. thanks for re...
Thu, Nov 2 5:12 PM Snowflake review of Holiday Funky Blues by Stefan Kartenberg
funky, crunch and delicious!! thanks so much for remixing me..
Thu, Nov 2 4:59 PM Snowflake review of THE LIGHT by THE_CONCEPT_OF_ENERGY
such a sweet groove! i like the way the new backing vox you added. great arrange...
Thu, Nov 2 4:45 PM Snowflake review of This Winter (Quartet) by Aussens@iter
beautiful. i love the way you've changed the chords. such lovely sounds and trea...
Thu, Nov 2 4:42 PM Snowflake review of This Winter by Dysfunction_AL
I am in truly in LOVE with this mix!! so artistic, well-crafted and beautiful. t...
Wed, Nov 1 10:43 AM Snowflake review of Wired But Disconnected by Zep Hurme
Rockin' delicious funk! Man, you are talented!! Amazing production and musicians...