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Reviews left by Snowflake

Fri, Jan 22 7:23 PM Snowflake review of Gotta Go by raja_ffm
amazing production, arrangement and musicianship from the top to final note. you...
Fri, Jan 22 7:22 PM Snowflake review of The Past Attacked - Vocals by Kara Square
Compelling truth.
Fri, Jan 22 6:29 PM Snowflake review of Galactic Raga by Darkroom
such a chill, cool vibe. i'm floating!!!
Fri, Jan 22 6:25 PM Snowflake review of Counting down by sparky
loving this.
Fri, Jan 22 6:22 PM Snowflake review of The Past Attacked by Kara Square
So incredibly powerful Kara. We are listening in the big speakers around the ent...
Fri, Jan 15 2:31 PM Snowflake review of Cactus Music by Loveshadow
floating in a shimmering night of stars and melodies, haunted by the immense bea...
Fri, Jan 15 2:29 PM Snowflake review of Cactus Love (It Hurts Me) by Songboy3
what a gift to have you here again. i'm sinking into the emotion and power of yo...
Fri, Jan 15 2:25 PM Snowflake review of Skin2Skin by Loveshadow
You've taken me on a journey through the underworld. Dark energy pulses in the n...
Thu, Jan 14 10:23 PM Snowflake review of Gotta Go (feat Snowflake) by Patronski
I’m honored to play a part in bringing this poignant song to life.
Thu, Jan 14 6:02 PM Snowflake review of Straight to the Light by Whitewolf
ballads suit you indeed! i love the way you've juxtaposed my melody against the ...
Thu, Jan 14 5:57 PM Snowflake review of Jolly Snowy Night by Skye Jordan
how absolutely delightful. you've built each section so artfully. I'm dancing in...
Thu, Jan 14 5:56 PM Snowflake review of On A Silent Night by Stefan Kartenberg
another brilliant track Stefan. you're a gift to our community.
Thu, Jan 14 5:55 PM Snowflake review of Too Far Away by Darkroom
swaying slowly to the rhythm, the shimmering night sweeps me into fields of song...
Thu, Jan 14 5:53 PM Snowflake review of Is That Present Mine by Speck
the children fight under the Christmas Tree until mom enters with sugar and spic...
Thu, Jan 14 5:42 PM Snowflake review of Full Moon Starry Night by Stefan Kartenberg
True pop-rock perfection here. I'm floating along under a starry sky on a bed...