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Reviews left by Snowflake

Sun, Nov 11 10:16 AM Snowflake review of ♥ L.O.V.E. ♥ by RizkeyG
this is absolutely incredible!!! you've transformed and elevated my song and i a...
Tue, Oct 30 12:20 PM Snowflake review of The new Americana by reiswerk
goosebumps. so important that people hear this.
Thu, Oct 25 10:37 AM Snowflake review of Drones In My Head by Briareus
thank you for this compelling piece.
Thu, Oct 25 10:36 AM Snowflake review of Glo by Dan_Mantau
how lovely.
Thu, Oct 25 10:35 AM Snowflake review of Envision by RizkeyG
i love you how changed up the rhythm and phrasing. wonderfully chilled groove. t...
Thu, Oct 25 10:32 AM Snowflake review of Garden by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
it is so great to hear your voice here again!! beautiful.
Thu, Oct 25 10:32 AM Snowflake review of Twilight One Oz by soundtails
i love the chill rhythm and vibe.
Thu, Oct 25 10:32 AM Snowflake review of Glaca_Oni_Przyszli by BeatMachine
great groove.
Thu, Oct 25 10:30 AM Snowflake review of Red Swanston Breath by Apoxode
i love the spacial ambience. atmospheric.
Thu, Oct 25 10:29 AM Snowflake review of Fool by cwbfoley
i like the minimalistic approach. cool! thanks for remixing me. :)
Wed, Oct 10 10:42 AM Snowflake review of changes by urmymuse
Inspiring melodies and production. Lovely.
Sun, Oct 7 5:58 PM Snowflake review of NO_ONE_EVER_WILL instrumental by Stefan Kartenberg
Sun, Oct 7 5:57 PM Snowflake review of The Flag and The Eagle by texasradiofish
Stop the corruption!
Sun, Oct 7 5:28 PM Snowflake review of Amplify the Light by raja_ffm
i love the accordion! The arrangement is tight with great drum and percussion so...
Sun, Oct 7 5:24 PM Snowflake review of SHAMBALA by Dan_Mantau
digging the lovely guitar work!! thanks so much for remixing me.