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Reviews left by Snowflake

Sat, Mar 21 9:47 AM Snowflake review of You Got The Light (You Got The Love ) by Loveshadow
Thank you, for your beautiful message and of course this inspiring mix. I immedi...
Wed, Mar 4 3:30 PM Snowflake review of Support ccMixter by bangcorrupt
Thank you!
Tue, Mar 3 4:36 PM Snowflake review of 60-140 BPM - Coru's Kaossilator Construction Kits Vol 001 by coruscate
Tue, Mar 3 4:28 PM Snowflake review of Carrickfergus (Trad.) by Javolenus
So truly beautiful. And inspiring. Your guitar playing is so amazing!
Tue, Mar 3 4:27 PM Snowflake review of Sound Pack 7 Nature Vs Man by coruscate
Would you kindly create an MP3 preview upload for folks to stream and listen bef...
Tue, Mar 3 4:18 PM Snowflake review of Coru's Kaossilator Construction Kits Vol 002 by coruscate
cool stems!
Tue, Mar 3 4:00 PM Snowflake review of MEGAMIX - We Need A Green New Deal by coruscate
Thank you for directing me to the eucalyptus tree! We're all dancing up there, i...
Tue, Mar 3 3:59 PM Snowflake review of sidebyside by panu
so beautifully produced. the melodies make my heart sing.
Tue, Mar 3 3:57 PM Snowflake review of Day by Day by mykleanthony
Sat, Feb 29 9:18 AM Snowflake review of It's Called a Forest by texasradiofish
Wow, the Smokey the Bear PSAs are so effective. Forests are one of my most sacre...
Sat, Feb 29 9:11 AM Snowflake review of On fire by Sascha Ende
Sat, Feb 29 9:10 AM Snowflake review of I'm a Phoenix by Stefan Kartenberg
the introduction is immediately captivating, with suspense and intensity. i'm so...
Sat, Feb 29 9:08 AM Snowflake review of What will you do? by Scomber
wow, wouldn't have thought to put these together, and it works so perfectly. bra...
Sat, Feb 29 9:06 AM Snowflake review of Circling 2020 by Bluemillenium
You've given new life to my voice, and new hope and meaning to this song. Such a...
Sat, Feb 29 9:04 AM Snowflake review of Noodling Harmonics by debbizo
just beautiful.