Somewhere Over the Border

Reviews left by snowflake

Thu, Feb 16 12:40 PM snowflake review of The End by Abstract Audio
so sorry to hear of your break up. sending you love and comfort. thank you for t...
Sun, Feb 12 1:18 PM snowflake review of Snowflake, Little Snowflake by Siobhan Dakay
divine! i LOVE jazz. beautifully smooth piano, horns and drum work. Claudia's vo...
Sun, Feb 12 1:16 PM snowflake review of Altar(native) by Siobhan Dakay
delicate, sparse production that highlights the beauty of Zutsuri's pell. the or...
Wed, Feb 8 7:37 PM snowflake review of Falling (Key of Love) by Zutsuri
You have the voice of an angel.
Wed, Feb 8 7:34 PM snowflake review of Altar by Zutsuri
Hauntingly beautiful vocals and lyrics. Wonderful stems!!!
Tue, Jan 31 10:02 AM snowflake review of Blind Love Dub by Jeris
yes, this is inspiringly incredible!!!! that violin line goes right to the heart...
Tue, Jan 31 10:00 AM snowflake review of Only Love Inside by PorchCat
I'm so honored you covered me!! I'm digging your Clash style on this romantic di...
Tue, Jan 31 9:58 AM snowflake review of We've Never Met by Admiral Bob
This PorchCat spoken word is one of my favorite pells of all time on ccMixter. I...
Tue, Jan 24 7:49 PM snowflake review of Hunt Down Love Together by PorchCat
i had no idea you had such a full, low voice! so awesome! great lyrics - dreamy ...
Tue, Jan 10 5:31 PM snowflake review of Fever by Zep Hurme
I dig that crunchy opening section. Love the unique chord voicing in the verses ...
Tue, Jan 10 5:28 PM snowflake review of To The Mountain by Zep Hurme
Not sure how I missed this beauty but all I can say is WOW! I love the bassline ...
Tue, Jan 10 12:09 PM snowflake review of Hope For The Holidays by spinningmerkaba
This is wonderful! Let's make sure it gets remixed before next year's holiday cu...
Thu, Dec 15 5:29 PM snowflake review of Out with the old by Abstract Audio
strong, deep rhythm!
Thu, Dec 15 5:28 PM snowflake review of Silent Night (Orchestrated) by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
light, lovely, beautiful!
Thu, Dec 15 5:27 PM snowflake review of 2016 by unreal_dm
brilliant! killer solo.