Cold Ears Remix Contest

Reviews left by Snowflake

Sun, Mar 24 12:22 PM Snowflake review of Kalte Ohren (Cold Ears) Stem pack by starfrosch
Wow, lush, deep beautiful stems. My ears aren't cold after listening to this hot...
Fri, Mar 22 10:58 AM Snowflake review of the garden 1977 by Kristian Skybound
beautiful piano work. the organ adds lovely texture. wonderful patience before y...
Fri, Mar 22 10:55 AM Snowflake review of The Golden Door by texasradiofish
holy vocal edit shift! you must have been at your DAW for long hours :) that gu...
Tue, Mar 12 5:35 PM Snowflake review of Love Cast A Spell (Key of Love Mix) by Siobhan Dakay
Such a lush, beautiful mix!! I'm honored to be remixed by you! You've really cap...
Tue, Mar 12 3:26 PM Snowflake review of Folklore Allure by Kara Square
your harmonica work is mind bending!! inspiring! love the Eastern European scene...
Tue, Mar 12 3:25 PM Snowflake review of Hidden Grooves by J.Lang
you've taken me to a far off place where dreams are made possible! great groove ...
Tue, Mar 12 3:24 PM Snowflake review of Getting Old (Don't Wait) by Scomber
thank you for speaking out before it is too late. great track Scomber!!
Tue, Mar 12 3:24 PM Snowflake review of Dancing Near The Marquis by Radioontheshelf
your vocals and songwriting are off the charts! beautiful.
Tue, Mar 12 3:23 PM Snowflake review of Of Secret Things by texasradiofish
your creativity always ignites excitement! i love the chaotic intro, then droppi...
Tue, Mar 12 3:20 PM Snowflake review of Pyramid by 7OOP3D
i love the mysteriously 80's inspired vibe combined with 7OOP3D signature sound....
Tue, Mar 12 3:18 PM Snowflake review of Staying Positive by spinningmerkaba
you two sound amazing together on the ax!!! rockin' J :)
Tue, Mar 12 3:18 PM Snowflake review of Somewhere Someones Waiting by Radioontheshelf
such powerful lyrics. the stars speak hope to my heart, even in a time of human ...
Tue, Mar 12 3:16 PM Snowflake review of 2016014_funkyguitarloop by greg_baumont
Tue, Mar 12 3:16 PM Snowflake review of Stayin' Dynamite by Admiral Bob
i'm exploding with happiness listening! Dynamite track LOL
Tue, Mar 12 3:15 PM Snowflake review of swim with wild musical instruments by urmymuse
your guitar tone always stirs something in my heart!! a wonderfully uplifting mi...