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Reviews left by Snowflake

Mon, Jan 7 12:23 PM Snowflake review of 2019 by Zep Hurme
This. Ed Picked.
Mon, Jan 7 12:16 PM Snowflake review of Two Zero One and Nine Pellas by Scomber
Your truth is giving me goosebumps and misty eyes. Beautiful pell Scomber!!!
Wed, Jan 2 9:55 AM Snowflake review of If This Is all You See* The Dirty Water ReMix by J.Lang
Yes! You're in a special class of remixer Mr Lang!
Tue, Jan 1 1:59 PM Snowflake review of Christmas Star by raja_ffm
i love the chill groove and ethereal pads. the vocal treatment is lovely. happy ...
Tue, Jan 1 1:14 PM Snowflake review of CMWYS Drums 93.6 BPM by copperhead
your drum tracks are top notch.
Tue, Jan 1 1:12 PM Snowflake review of Older by Javolenus
i can't stop singing this.
Tue, Jan 1 1:11 PM Snowflake review of Drunking (Living Nightmare) by 7OOP3D
can't think of a better way to celebrate the new year -- odd and not sober! :D i...
Sun, Dec 30 6:17 PM Snowflake review of Amplify the Light Urban Mix by J.Lang
Mix-master JLang is back! Interesting dissonance between melody and track. (I th...
Sun, Dec 30 10:43 AM Snowflake review of NO ONE EVER WILL by THE_CONCEPT_OF_ENERGY
powerful vocals.
Sun, Dec 30 10:36 AM Snowflake review of Love That Slumbers by cwbfoley
your friend's voice is so beautiful! you've transported me into that old booksto...
Sun, Dec 30 10:34 AM Snowflake review of Flame by Dagon
would love to see the lyrics spelled out. and we'd really appreciate you uploadi...
Sun, Dec 30 10:31 AM Snowflake review of GadManDubs - pon top - acapella - 84bpm - amaj by GadManDubs
Peace and love and joy.
Sun, Dec 30 10:17 AM Snowflake review of Loving Men by The_Stereo_Inspectors
Smooth, silky and sensual.
Sat, Dec 29 7:24 PM Snowflake review of Pau do Guedes ACAPELLA by De Leve
really really great pell. cold you please upload a file of the lead vocal alone,...
Sat, Dec 29 7:16 PM Snowflake review of Apox Lab Works by Apoxode
AA Absolutely Awesome Sample Pack!