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Reviews left by shagrugge

Sun, Jul 30 12:42 AM shagrugge review of DeLeve_Diploma_Acappella by De Leve
Your vocal styles are really diverse and incredible! Thanks for sharing on ccMix...
Thu, Jul 6 11:20 PM shagrugge review of Treated for Mutilation by fourstones
I've got to echo shockshadows statements regarding the instrumental...elements o...
Tue, Jul 4 8:43 AM shagrugge review of Ophelia's Lounge by Analog By Nature
a prime candidate for a ccmixter downtempo compilation CD
Mon, Jul 3 11:32 AM shagrugge review of CHERRY GELATIN by Ms.Vybe
This pella makes me want to revisit this mix
Mon, Jul 3 11:18 AM shagrugge review of Espoir NOKturne [spanish dub mix] by lo tag blanco
damn lo tag musically this is real nice...I love the hifi hammond at the beginni...
Sun, Jul 2 7:09 PM shagrugge review of MetroRide (hopigallopi-mix) by MIXXIM
can someone tell me what genre this is? it appears to be an amalgum of just abou...
Sun, Jul 2 7:05 PM shagrugge review of Beatrice by gurdonark
an interesting choice and creative rhythmic structure to put with the vocal.
Fri, Jun 30 9:33 PM shagrugge review of state of the union (birdcage rmx) by audiomesh
musically this is incredible...Braun's vocal, your piano melody and bassline wor...
Fri, Jun 30 5:06 PM shagrugge review of Submarine (featuring Lisa Rein) by Briareus
Incredible work with the original vocal.
Thu, Jun 29 11:22 AM shagrugge review of I Think I Started a Trend (Segfault Mix) by Sharp
Agree with the audiomesh statement on the beats...the sped up breaks brought in ...
Mon, Jun 26 10:31 PM shagrugge review of Down 2 the Music by MadTiger
I havin a difficult time with this mix...I guess my main beef with it is that it...
Sun, Jun 25 8:24 PM shagrugge review of Double K by MC Jack in the Box
exactly how you described it a poetry slam trade off feel...I love that track by...
Sun, Jun 25 3:13 PM shagrugge review of Eat by teru
this does great work with the vocal
Sun, Jun 25 11:43 AM shagrugge review of Down 2 the Music by Anny2k
Thanks for posting this Anny you rock!
Sat, Jun 24 6:48 PM shagrugge review of eat by nathanielstern
I'm hungry for more