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Reviews left by shagrugge

Mon, Nov 16 8:03 AM shagrugge review of Butta Fly's Jazz Handz by KCentric
K man! I absolutely love this track bro... and ehco your sentiments on the jazz ...
Sat, Nov 14 4:22 PM shagrugge review of MENTAL IMAGES / ESSENTIAL ELEMENT by BOCrew
just heard some next sh17!!
Sat, Nov 14 3:58 PM shagrugge review of Why[Mseq Remix NR2] by logos
piano work is killa
Fri, Nov 13 8:39 PM shagrugge review of Put your Hands Up (Acapella) by Andres Franco
;ove this vocal yo, thanks for sharing. Hope you like the remix. Peace!
Fri, Nov 13 3:45 AM shagrugge review of White Cube Beat Boxing by Tenny
the 5th and often forgotten element, thanks for the reminder
Thu, Nov 5 9:45 AM shagrugge review of Brontorat by Morusque
que increible!
Thu, Nov 5 9:41 AM shagrugge review of Choice? by Leza Boyland
oh sh17! that beat captured me instantly
Thu, Nov 5 9:40 AM shagrugge review of In Out by SackJo22
thanks for hanging the vocals!
Thu, Nov 5 9:37 AM shagrugge review of Dub Philosophy Revisited by Anchor
love your take on this. Definitely has your touch. A wonderful interpretation si...
Wed, Nov 4 6:08 PM shagrugge review of Chemma Chi (irish back and force remix) by irish4t
yo thanks for the remix of this... didn't even know this vocal hand been mixed. ...
Wed, Nov 4 6:02 PM shagrugge review of Bits and Pieces (dance mix) by duckett
holy RnB next sh17... so smooth
Wed, Nov 4 1:51 PM shagrugge review of Splice, Cut, Slice by teru
awesome man! You nailed this mashup!
Tue, Oct 13 7:29 AM shagrugge review of October 12 by onlymeith
Tue, Oct 13 7:13 AM shagrugge review of November Unplugged ( Guitar ) by Loveshadow
another excellent guitar track sir... it's stuff like this that keeps me coming ...
Sun, Oct 11 8:14 PM shagrugge review of Pneuma(Smiles Remix) by Smiles_Dulas
diggin the bass and the breaks nice work