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Reviews left by shagrugge

Mon, Dec 18 3:04 PM shagrugge review of 2012 living prophecy by Tomas PhUsIoN
the Nrgy in this is incredible...where is the accompanying video montage that ac...
Mon, Dec 18 5:40 AM shagrugge review of funk-o-meter (Space Age Trippin RMX) by tripledoubler
ill funky breaks throughout is there some oboe won kenobi in there too?
Sun, Dec 17 9:36 AM shagrugge review of chromatochronic (a)signifiance by vybbtuan
they mashed it
Sun, Dec 17 7:31 AM shagrugge review of The Milkmen Cometh by Spidermonkey
sick glitchy dubstep
Sat, Dec 16 6:09 PM shagrugge review of Love Lost (Scene) by Analog By Nature
welcome to sound design...so many layers to tantalize the eardrums here
Sat, Dec 16 1:11 PM shagrugge review of Space (Treatment) by fourstones
indeed spacey and saxy
Sat, Dec 16 10:52 AM shagrugge review of Colors Shifting (Klaus H remix) by Klaus H
It's a new genre... It's ecletic... It's electro... It's euro... It's ecle...
Sat, Dec 16 10:44 AM shagrugge review of Color Shifting by Equivallentium
epic...I was waiting for the bassline to speedup and get nasty after the breakdo...
Sat, Nov 25 9:43 PM shagrugge review of The deepr remix (deepsoulrmix) by BOCrew
man I've missed out on some great mixes...seriously smooth track.
Sat, Nov 25 9:39 PM shagrugge review of Guilty By Association - by teru
I heard a rumor that Teru hooked a stethoscope up to his computer to get a live ...
Fri, Nov 24 2:34 PM shagrugge review of The great... by bombero
dude is channeling some old skool funk...when cats hear breaks like this cardboa...
Fri, Nov 24 2:29 PM shagrugge review of I will follow you (Heavy Set Mix) by Foundation.IV
smooth laidback rework of the sadness of tears track
Sun, Nov 19 9:30 AM shagrugge review of Colors Shifting (4Groove RMX) by direction2
I like the drums and bass in this...the intro takes a little too long for me...n...
Fri, Oct 6 8:43 PM shagrugge review of The Chosen Selection by Uncool Bob
love the happy hardcore feel to this...definitely has a late night underground c...
Fri, Oct 6 5:40 AM shagrugge review of Hip Hop For Dummies-SUCKER FREE MIX by J.Lang
100% on point