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Reviews left by shagrugge

Tue, Jan 22 8:23 PM shagrugge review of horrorstrings170bpmk by Hipnoninja
thanks for sharing hard to get string samples like these...lots of bits to chop ...
Tue, Jan 22 7:07 PM shagrugge review of Gypsy Dance by PorchCat
The gypsy dance is your chance to do the porch cat...cheers man, nice to see u b...
Mon, Jan 21 6:35 PM shagrugge review of Go On by BitsyBaby88
Thanks for sharing very nice vocal
Sun, Jan 20 8:10 AM shagrugge review of Dirty Weekend by MTGakaCaraMelG
I wish you had some bpms listed for your might help get the remixes ...
Sun, Jan 20 8:06 AM shagrugge review of Feeling Freaky by MTGakaCaraMelG
somebody needs to freak this vocal
Sun, Jan 20 8:05 AM shagrugge review of Just Dance by MTGakaCaraMelG
I dig this MTG always rockin the club tracks
Thu, Jan 17 6:27 PM shagrugge review of Revenge (Mix Cuit A Four) by Kaer Trouz
an all out mix incredible
Mon, Jan 14 5:53 PM shagrugge review of I Disagree (UK Dance Mix) by KCentric
great work as usual
Mon, Jan 14 4:20 PM shagrugge review of Earth, Love, Sea by gurdonark
the bubbly, flighty, randomness to the melody really brings out the imagery of t...
Mon, Jan 14 4:13 PM shagrugge review of Hip Hop by teru
Fourstones said it tracks like this is what makes this site what it is
Mon, Jan 14 4:10 PM shagrugge review of Recommence by teru
melodic, chill, atmosphere
Mon, Jan 14 4:07 PM shagrugge review of October - mellow house by teru
another great addition to sc mixer's playlist
Mon, Jan 14 4:02 PM shagrugge review of Soul of a man by callmeyang
just heard this in s.c. mixer's playlist for the first time on the site...defini...
Sat, Jan 12 2:42 PM shagrugge review of Where Earth Meets Sea (a love story) by Ruggea
your stuff is awesome you have a very natural sounding delivery to your recitati...
Sat, Jan 12 8:41 AM shagrugge review of Steven, One More Glass Please by Kaer Trouz
I love this