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Reviews left by shagrugge

Fri, Apr 25 3:10 AM shagrugge review of Ophelia's Caravan by teru
that's what it's all about
Mon, Apr 14 8:10 PM shagrugge review of Mal mal by Sr. Privado
great bossa beat with special attention to directional sound
Mon, Apr 14 8:06 PM shagrugge review of Another lie (as is) by Sr. Privado
Has a Natalie Merchant unplugged feel to it. Very nice...the vocals could be bro...
Sun, Apr 13 8:33 PM shagrugge review of Surreal to be so real by radiotimes
love the eastern feel to the musical backing to Colin's spoken word here...inter...
Sun, Apr 13 9:58 AM shagrugge review of LS, Guitar Everywhere But here by Loveshadow
awesome man...thanks a ton. I still want to do a slower mix with this...and didn...
Sun, Apr 13 7:09 AM shagrugge review of Got to Rock (Jazzy Space Remix feat. Zion) by DJ SID-the Apocalypze
ill that bass and jazzy drum vibe reminds of Soul Coughing. I'd like to hear mor...
Sun, Apr 13 7:06 AM shagrugge review of Ballistic (Electro-Hop Mix feat. Skinny Man) by DJ SID-the Apocalypze
dig the chopped up piano sample and the dub step style kicks that jump in...this...
Sun, Apr 13 6:57 AM shagrugge review of DnB drum break by Quantum Theor(y)
damn!...shimoda just turned me on to your samples...and I'll definitely be comin...
Sun, Apr 13 6:52 AM shagrugge review of Spies with Cosmic Blueprints (Orchestral Anarchy Rendition) by shimoda
Man this reminds me of some of the soundscapes we use to drop on late night coll...
Sun, Apr 13 4:32 AM shagrugge review of Surreal, Yet Genteel by duckett
I like the interchange between the two vocals, something you have to listen to a...
Sat, Apr 12 5:18 PM shagrugge review of Nadeya (D!FUz3 remix) by D1FUz3
tags say it best...very chill dubstep track
Fri, Apr 11 1:31 PM shagrugge review of Broken (Acappella) by Trifonic
thanks a ton for uploading these...lots of possibilities.
Thu, Apr 10 6:46 PM shagrugge review of Get It On Mix by Lasswell
the production behind this is absolutely solid and I like how you combined sever...
Thu, Apr 10 6:28 PM shagrugge review of Medieval Clarance by radiotimes
sound a feasting horn!
Mon, Apr 7 4:40 AM shagrugge review of Every Where But Here by Loveshadow
this is the Loveshadow in mariachi sweet serenade outfit. This puts me on a task...