Reviews left by shagrugge

Tue, Dec 23 11:12 AM shagrugge review of The Theologian Dreams of Stars by gurdonark
enjoy the unique melodic aspects of this mix. Your mixes never cease to excite t...
Tue, Dec 23 11:10 AM shagrugge review of Hey Kid/Billy Goat Stomp by teru
love the vintage sample arrangement...nice chop work
Tue, Dec 23 11:04 AM shagrugge review of Falling to Pieces-The J. Lang Treatment by J.Lang
Lang's mixes ---> so captivating nice work sir laid back indeed
Sun, Dec 21 3:33 PM shagrugge review of Chill Hot by Kosmos
the title says it all nicely done
Sun, Dec 7 12:04 PM shagrugge review of Dream of You (A Cappella) by KCentric
K man this is seriously on point
Sat, Dec 6 8:21 AM shagrugge review of Just One Night by ditto ditto
very interesting take on this, I never would've imagined the vocal used this way...
Sun, Nov 30 7:18 AM shagrugge review of Magic In Your Eyes by Kruzzial
well done for sure, great work!
Sun, Nov 30 7:16 AM shagrugge review of Go With Me (Preview version) by Freddy_Mac
that 80s synth sound is smooth
Thu, Jul 17 5:15 PM shagrugge review of Chapped Lips (But still available for kissing) by radiotimes
RT gettin some long overdue love...great work as always...I love the the chillip...
Thu, Jul 17 5:12 PM shagrugge review of Cookies and Milk by radiotimes
your soundscapes never cease to delight my ears
Thu, Jul 17 5:10 PM shagrugge review of Where Do Feelings Come From? (Cookies & Milk Mix) by Anchor
a great mix man...your vocal (lyrics and melody) really works well with the musi...
Sun, Jun 29 10:10 AM shagrugge review of THIS IS OUR MUSIC (Thruewiddit mix) by duckett
ill duckman, seriously ill... Megatron commanded "Contructicons build some...
Mon, Jun 16 3:47 PM shagrugge review of We are in Love by MC Jack in the Box
Hey McJack this is a very chill ride through bossa town. Thanks for the tour. Lo...
Tue, May 13 2:33 PM shagrugge review of I Guess It's a Remix Now by teru
my ears are magnetized to the dark and jazzy
Mon, May 12 4:24 PM shagrugge review of Unforgiven by spinmeister
rumor has it this was recorded live at the blue note...can you confirm?