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Reviews left by septahelix

Sun, Sep 11 1:58 AM septahelix review of NO REMORSE by BOCrew
nice warm strings
Sun, Sep 11 1:56 AM septahelix review of Lamadio Tiado by SackJo22
absolutely stunning. one of my faves from you for sure. i usually try to make ...
Thu, Sep 8 8:02 AM septahelix review of Ol' Man Clothes by Jeris
hey, i wear ol' man clothes
Thu, Sep 8 7:59 AM septahelix review of simple Thingz by Vidian
great track V! congrats for ed pick!
Thu, Sep 8 7:58 AM septahelix review of Simple Things by Leza Boyland
i was checking in on the remix listings, and figured you had a new pella up. gr...
Thu, Sep 8 7:55 AM septahelix review of Action Jackson by Zep Hurme
what a ride! thanks for the stems too. loved the drums and synths on this.
Mon, Sep 5 5:52 AM septahelix review of Longing for Tumbleweeds by Admiral Bob
breath taking interpretation Bob. could have been in Kill Bill:)
Sun, Sep 4 3:19 PM septahelix review of Insanity by daniloprates
very interesting song. sort of reminds me of FFVII. should be useful.
Sun, Sep 4 3:16 PM septahelix review of Spiritual Machines by Jeris
definitely a film song. very relaxing. has a minimal quality without being rep...
Sun, Sep 4 3:12 PM septahelix review of Too Late by Alex
one of my favorites from you so far. i think a lot of it can definitely be used...
Sun, Sep 4 3:11 PM septahelix review of sms by mdp
super chill and full of great stems! definitely feelin' it.
Sun, Sep 4 3:08 PM septahelix review of Longing by Snowflake
stunningly beautiful. perfect vocals for this project. almost like a synth pad...
Sun, Sep 4 3:07 PM septahelix review of Vox Vs. Uke by Kara Square
this is really fun and cool MMT!
Sat, Sep 3 11:15 PM septahelix review of The Golden Calf by Hans Atom
excellent composition Hans. works real well.
Sat, Sep 3 11:12 PM septahelix review of Theatrical Trailer (annabloom vs. Jeris) by spinningmerkaba
perfect for panoramas and montages of something like Planet Earth. that's what ...