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Reviews left by septahelix

Mon, Aug 22 11:44 AM septahelix review of Let's Turn Everything Off Now by Speck
Sun, Aug 21 9:44 PM septahelix review of We Are Dreamers (Original House Remix) 2011 by Official_Nc_Fx
we are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams,
Sun, Aug 21 9:37 PM septahelix review of Achilles by Jeris
beautiful nostalgic subtle summer jam! reminds me of Espers.
Sun, Aug 21 3:56 PM septahelix review of Katowice Station by Javolenus
very interesting!
Sun, Aug 21 12:49 PM septahelix review of Mock the Afflicted by Robert Warrington
really like the rhythm. interesting vocal texture too.
Fri, Aug 19 7:03 PM septahelix review of Gracias por el Paseo by jameswomack
great uploads. thanks for all the stems.
Fri, Aug 19 2:46 PM septahelix review of April Showers (Dance In The Rain) by Zep Hurme
really amazing work!
Fri, Aug 19 2:45 PM septahelix review of The Places We Visit (feat. C.layne) by Blackberry
nice vocal and beat work.
Fri, Aug 19 2:43 PM septahelix review of Steal Your Heart by texasradiofish
this was all over the place in such a good funky way.
Thu, Aug 18 3:36 PM septahelix review of Where You Are Now by Alex
real interesting mix Alex
Wed, Aug 17 4:47 PM septahelix review of Open by dydjej_inja
loved the entrance of the bass and synth about a 1/3 through. great snowflake r...
Wed, Aug 17 9:38 AM septahelix review of Is This Anything by Speck
this is probably my favorite thing I've heard from you so far. felt like my b...
Tue, Aug 16 4:52 PM septahelix review of Flooding by AT
very atmospheric. relaxing yet engaging. the drums worked really well with thi...
Tue, Aug 16 11:20 AM septahelix review of Where You Are Now by Benjamin Orth
excellent build up, vocal treatment, and overall composition. thanks for the st...
Tue, Aug 16 10:55 AM septahelix review of Dance, Dance in the Thunder and Rain by debbizo
whoa debbizo. real cool. i like how there aren't any drums, but the synth keep...