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Reviews left by septahelix

Sat, Aug 22 8:13 PM septahelix review of Little Brown Jug by Apoxode
thanks for using my sample in this awesome track
Wed, Apr 29 5:51 PM septahelix review of Everyone Has Gone Home by spinningmerkaba
really cool track. glad the samples got used.
Wed, Nov 27 6:16 PM septahelix review of Boom Chica Wow Wow by Admiral Bob
thanks bob
Tue, Aug 27 5:10 PM septahelix review of Mercurial Justice by Apoxode
nice chill track. you used samples from each of my three pages. i'm guessing y...
Sun, Aug 11 12:17 PM septahelix review of mandolin chinese (moscardo remix) by moscardo
I've wanted this sample to be used for a long time. Thanks for this. I enjoyed...
Tue, Nov 20 9:52 AM septahelix review of Twilight Zone by Michael Burnz
thanks man. sounds good.
Mon, Nov 19 5:53 AM septahelix review of Burn it all down by Admiral Bob
thanks so much bob! I love that line "there's no cause to stay here when they b...
Wed, Jun 6 2:20 PM septahelix review of Adaptation Is Surrender by Speck
production sounds great. the lyrics are good too.
Thu, Mar 22 6:26 AM septahelix review of _c:ell_4T for the night by Speck
I recall reading something to the effect that, when Carl Jung visited Africa, he...
Wed, Mar 21 3:51 PM septahelix review of Ad Astra (Remix Packs) by Ghost_k (Ghost Kollective)
this is great stuff guys. high quality sound and chemistry.
Fri, Dec 2 5:48 AM septahelix review of My Heart's a Token (Rough Concept Recording) by debbizo
so beautiful and innocent
Sun, Nov 27 7:18 PM septahelix review of Achilles (Johnathon_Data Remix) by johnathon_data
stunning! excellent job!
Thu, Nov 24 9:13 AM septahelix review of Subway All by CSoul
nice fluid creative track!
Thu, Nov 24 9:11 AM septahelix review of Time (cdk Give Me Some Dubstep Mix) by Analog By Nature
excellent remix of one of my favorite secret mixter tracks!
Thu, Nov 24 9:07 AM septahelix review of It's Not You, It's Me by Briareus
very touching. thanks for this inspiring remix, and for leading me to her page ...