Reviews left by septahelix

Sat, Oct 30 11:08 PM septahelix review of Sxptxhelix by Robbero
Really cool what you did with the samples. Thanks for the great remix!
Sun, Apr 18 6:29 PM septahelix review of Hyperspace Hypnotism by bangcorrupt
awesome remix. thank you
Fri, Feb 26 7:02 AM septahelix review of The Seventh Sacred Spiral by Apoxode
This is awesome Apoxode. Thanks for using the samples, especially the mandolin.
Mon, Jan 18 4:58 PM septahelix review of Guarded Optimism by Apoxode
I figured you could put these samples to use. Good job!
Wed, Dec 16 6:29 AM septahelix review of Austenite Compass by Apoxode
Great sample arrangement. Love the ocarina and flute mix. Might I suggest minim...
Mon, Dec 14 7:37 AM septahelix review of Music Through Love ft. Kara Square by Apoxode
I like how you used vocals in one of your lofi pieces. Very nice arrangement. T...
Sun, Dec 13 7:58 AM septahelix review of A Little Ditty on the Dance Floor by J.Lang
Wow! I am very pleased with this remix. Awesome job. thank you.
Wed, Dec 9 11:50 AM septahelix review of Blue Stars by Apoxode
Beautiful! Nice arrangement of samples.
Wed, Dec 9 6:22 AM septahelix review of For The Road Ahead by Speck
Spacey and relaxing. I like how you used my sample.
Sun, Dec 6 2:35 PM septahelix review of Kundalini Spirit by Apoxode
I like the lofi stuff you've been making. glad the samples got used.
Fri, Nov 20 4:24 PM septahelix review of Roll with it by Darkroom
very cool. I think I'll have fun sampling this, especially the drums.
Sun, Nov 1 8:40 AM septahelix review of 7LD4 by Martin Cee (softmartin)
cool track. thanks for sampling.
Sat, Aug 22 8:13 PM septahelix review of Little Brown Jug by Apoxode
thanks for using my sample in this awesome track
Wed, Apr 29 5:51 PM septahelix review of Everyone Has Gone Home by spinningmerkaba
really cool track. glad the samples got used.
Wed, Nov 27 6:16 PM septahelix review of Boom Chica Wow Wow by Admiral Bob
thanks bob