Reviews left by Scomber

Fri, Aug 23 3:31 AM Scomber review of Mart N Lowe & FORENSIC - If This Is All You See (feat. SOL) by marlowe34
Love this. Great build and the backing was great to sing against :) thank you!
Fri, Aug 23 3:29 AM Scomber review of Here by reiswerk
Great bass!
Fri, Aug 23 3:26 AM Scomber review of One Sound by texasradiofish
Groove alright! Nice latin overtones :)
Fri, Aug 23 3:18 AM Scomber review of Pay it forward the love ( Remix feat Poor Legacy ) by Dysfunction_AL
Rich, Lush and Crystal clear. Glad you posted the instrumental:)
Fri, Aug 23 3:11 AM Scomber review of Fall Together by mykleanthony
Awesome job Mykle, lots of room for Panus fine vocal
Sun, Aug 11 4:43 PM Scomber review of Sadness by mykleanthony
Great vocals and layering as always Mykle. Can't wait to here the others. Drawin...
Sun, Aug 11 4:41 PM Scomber review of Trance is... (Ambient Cinematic Trance) by Whitewolf
Great production. Patient and builds nicely. Has a well developed mood that shar...
Sun, Aug 11 4:38 PM Scomber review of Triptych of Snippets by septahelix
Awesome reverse sounds, great build!
Sun, Aug 11 4:36 PM Scomber review of mandolin chinese (moscardo remix) by moscardo
Love this!
Sun, Aug 11 4:31 PM Scomber review of Blue Luna by shimoda
You did a wonderful job slurping from the water hydrant !
Sun, Aug 11 4:29 PM Scomber review of the lips of god by urmymuse
Struggling not picturing you in the same room for both of your remixes of each o...
Sun, Aug 11 4:26 PM Scomber review of Skipping Stones by spinningmerkaba
Always love it when mixters draw each other. Some secret subconcience communicat...
Sun, Aug 11 4:22 PM Scomber review of yellow by cyba
Sun, Aug 11 4:21 PM Scomber review of Hey, Are You Here? by Kara Square
I second Snowflakes Pink Floyd reference. Spectacular
Sun, Aug 11 4:19 PM Scomber review of heart beats by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Nice ads and masterful work bringing it all together !