Reviews left by Scomber

Tue, Jan 14 2:33 AM Scomber review of What You Want To by Stefan Kartenberg
This is amazing Stef! Would love you to post the stems or a backing track. Mig...
Mon, Jan 13 12:27 PM Scomber review of Duality-LateNightSmokeMix by Alex
Awesome pacing and top notch synth work Alex!
Mon, Jan 13 12:24 PM Scomber review of Sennen Cove by Radioontheshelf
I suspect good old Gerald was already cutting your grass! Love the narrative in ...
Mon, Jan 13 12:19 PM Scomber review of Learn to fly by Stefan Kartenberg
Jam packed full of energy !
Wed, Jan 8 12:31 PM Scomber review of Numbers 2019 by Speck
Always enjoy your singing Speck! A fine balance between well crafted dark mess...
Tue, Jan 7 2:01 AM Scomber review of Endurance by Zep Hurme
Awesome mate ! Love the growly synth, fantastic well constructed laid back 80s g...
Sun, Jan 5 11:41 AM Scomber review of Hear the Sound by Apoxode
I hear the sound and its very good! Great use of the samples
Sat, Dec 21 12:37 PM Scomber review of Merry Yuletide (Safety First mix) by Speck
You kept it nice and sparse for the vocal to shine :)
Sat, Dec 21 12:35 PM Scomber review of Singing in heaven by Stefan Kartenberg
Authentic gospel roots sound mate
Thu, Dec 5 1:44 PM Scomber review of Vocophaser Beat by Apoxode
Very useful :) Thx for uploading
Fri, Nov 29 10:59 AM Scomber review of Why Can't We by Stefan Kartenberg
Bapipes? banjo? Flute? Awesome folk I HAVE TO WORK WITH THESE STENS! If i can ...
Fri, Nov 29 10:52 AM Scomber review of A 1000 Ways ( To lose your mind ) by Loveshadow
Blimey the paint is peeling off my walls. MASSIVE guitar sound, so glad you let ...
Fri, Nov 29 10:48 AM Scomber review of Saturday Night Fly by Zep Hurme
Heavy dude Perfectly crafted rock pop. Like how there was no mucking about and ...
Sun, Nov 24 7:44 PM Scomber review of Kiss of Hope (pell) Snowflake(Ruslan) by Ruslan_777
Nice piano. Dig that rhythm Welcome to ccmixter
Sun, Nov 24 7:42 PM Scomber review of A Horror Story (Sort of) by Mana Junkie
Full of energy! How many cups of coffee you had so far this morning Tim? Love th...