Vid of Perspectives at Art City!

Reviews left by Scomber

Fri, Oct 18 11:07 PM Scomber review of Shelter by texasradiofish
Wow that was fast. Really diggn the rhodes. Awesome! You are right, Could be a f...
Thu, Oct 10 4:19 PM Scomber review of 22nd Street by texasradiofish
Thx for the remix guys! Nice Californian guitar sound :)
Wed, Oct 9 7:05 PM Scomber review of Discover Life by Apoxode
This is very good. Yeah BPM is the heartbeat and the frame which everything else...
Wed, Oct 9 6:59 PM Scomber review of just one night (roaring twenties remix) by K
Nice big sound rich production ;)
Wed, Oct 9 6:20 PM Scomber review of My Future Nothing by Speck
Very nicely put together
Tue, Oct 8 1:29 PM Scomber review of Shadow Dancer by Zep Hurme
Holy funking crap! This is tighter than a nuns doo dah! Awesome Melodyne work on...
Fri, Oct 4 5:45 AM Scomber review of It Takes Perspective by texasradiofish
Really can see panu ducking those over enthusiastic trombone guys jockeying for ...
Fri, Oct 4 5:35 AM Scomber review of 22nd Street by Zep Hurme
Always a nice surprise seeing a notification that you have remixed me again :) E...
Thu, Sep 26 9:42 PM Scomber review of I get what you say by phildann
Im with Sackjo here. Awesome!! Would love the backing or better still some stems...
Thu, Sep 26 9:36 PM Scomber review of When the Sun Hardly Comes by raja_ffm
Great use of Karas vocals. Polished production and some great composition. Great...
Thu, Sep 26 4:59 AM Scomber review of Persephone-mix by lostwit
Nice Arp :) Welcome to ccm
Thu, Sep 26 4:56 AM Scomber review of Living Secrets by Apoxode
Digging that bass against the percussion. Crystal clear
Thu, Sep 26 4:53 AM Scomber review of Tiny Spaceships by Hans Atom
No guitar? Doesn't sound like u need it. This is great. Stems +++
Thu, Sep 26 4:47 AM Scomber review of Hawkesbury River Visit by debbizo
So nice Deb, Im looking at it now:) "imagine the joy of spending a lifetime her...
Fri, Sep 13 3:29 AM Scomber review of Prospective Perspectives by Speck