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Reviews left by ScOmBer

Tue, Mar 30 2:14 PM ScOmBer review of Moss Street by Javolenus
Wow mate, great composition and a dreamy soundscape which weaves its way to some...
Sun, Mar 28 1:06 PM ScOmBer review of All Alone by texasradiofish
This is wildly big, strong and soft at the same time. Feel like I'm on stage 60s...
Sat, Mar 27 12:08 AM ScOmBer review of Unpleasable by sparky
Plenty of strut here S! Great guitar sound
Fri, Mar 26 6:55 PM ScOmBer review of Rose Petals by acrylic bathhouse
Nice song, sensitive use of Javs soothing guitar
Fri, Mar 26 2:02 PM ScOmBer review of Butterflies On The Inside by Zep Hurme
You're a machine! All the Moroder elements - the pulsing octaved bass with the k...
Wed, Mar 24 5:50 PM ScOmBer review of Butterflies on the Inside by Whitewolf
Big epic orchestrated sound WW :) Looking forward to the stems
Wed, Mar 24 5:47 PM ScOmBer review of All Alone (Instrumental) by Jeris
Nice sound J! Any chance of uploading the stems, Ive got something rattling arou...
Wed, Mar 17 10:40 PM ScOmBer review of Saint Against The Sinner by Zep Hurme
Wow this is really good. THANKS ZEP! The horns and space clarinet work really we...
Sat, Mar 13 7:06 PM ScOmBer review of The Fingered Word by Radioontheshelf
Very cool lyrics mate. Lots of scattered images
Sat, Mar 13 7:00 PM ScOmBer review of You Are My Everything by texasradiofish
Hey nice chords, i wondered what happened to the second remix when I saw it up t...
Tue, Mar 9 7:39 PM ScOmBer review of Fashion by Zep Hurme
Wow New Order go prog! So many tasty elements here mate with just enough 80s pop...
Sun, Mar 7 11:17 AM ScOmBer review of Coffee & Lullabies (J White Remix) by jwhiteproducer
Nice take on this pella. Crystal clear production and clever arrangement
Sun, Mar 7 11:10 AM ScOmBer review of An Easter Story by Radioontheshelf
Clever lyrics, Judas swinging from a tree! Great sound and delivery !
Sun, Mar 7 10:56 AM ScOmBer review of I'll Be Your Everything by texasradiofish
Love that slide guitar:) I've been away for a few days, nice to come back to
Wed, Mar 3 1:13 AM ScOmBer review of Sally's Waiting by Zep Hurme
So glad you picked up this song Zep. Possibly the saddest song I've ever writt...