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Reviews left by Scomber

Tue, Jan 30 1:29 AM Scomber review of Certain Death by Hans Atom
This is great. Well crafted tight arrangement around Brads comatosed relaxed vib...
Sat, Dec 30 10:20 PM Scomber review of WWP2017 Winter (Here comes the Snow) by One Project
Love what youve done here. Petshop boys like feel. Excellent use of vocals. Very...
Sun, Dec 24 1:26 AM Scomber review of 5 Minutes 2 Midnight by Aussens@iter
Nice clean rock. Always love your guitar work. Thanks for renixing this T!
Mon, Sep 18 1:06 AM Scomber review of Showdown: ElRon, unreal dm, Admiral Bob by texasradiofish
Funkn hell! Harvey didnt stand a chance against this!
Mon, Sep 11 2:52 AM Scomber review of Rise Up (Like the Sun) by Snowflake
Great message and fab production
Mon, Sep 11 2:37 AM Scomber review of The Unseen SpiralĀ“s Centre by onlymeith
Listening to this over and over
Mon, Sep 11 2:34 AM Scomber review of Deep Room by Vidian
Sun, Sep 10 6:50 PM Scomber review of Selfduckettance by Siobhan Dakay
Makes me miss the ccm cool music show. A complex engaging mix
Sun, Sep 10 6:47 PM Scomber review of nightWalk by airtone
Dig it when the rhodes comes in
Sun, Sep 10 6:46 PM Scomber review of One Life (with MykleAnthony) by Mana Junkie
Lots of caffeine oozing out of this mix Tim! Awesomeness
Sun, Sep 10 6:44 PM Scomber review of Birth and death of a River by reiswerk
A great soundtrack. Its kind of menacing and comforting all at once
Sun, Sep 10 6:42 PM Scomber review of remains by urmymuse
Love those guitars. Has any one said that before? Great backing track.
Sun, Sep 10 6:29 PM Scomber review of Autumn's Dream Lullaby by gurdonark
Such a wide soundscape. So glad you drew me. Very Autumn and embracing. Thanks!
Sun, Sep 10 6:25 PM Scomber review of 1, 2, 3 by Aussens@iter
Whoa! Reggae is a natural fit to your great rhythm guitar work!
Sun, Sep 10 6:21 PM Scomber review of Harvey and Louisa by mwic
Nice and timely. Authentic