Reviews left by Scomber

Sun, May 31 3:40 PM Scomber review of the road back by sleeperspaceborn
Love every schmaltzy moment of this song. Would love you to post a backing track...
Mon, May 18 3:50 PM Scomber review of As We Begin Again by Speck
Love the Dub
Mon, May 18 3:47 PM Scomber review of The Breakdown Of The Bandleaders Marriage by Radioontheshelf
Backing track is awesome, adds so much to Per's lament
Sun, May 17 3:41 PM Scomber review of Tape Op by texasradiofish
Nice! Ends like most of my remixes lately (on the cutting room floor)
Tue, Apr 7 4:51 PM Scomber review of Butterfly Woke by Jeris
Good to have you back on the site Jeris! Yeah i agree with LS, like a lost 80s P...
Mon, Apr 6 5:24 AM Scomber review of Bread of Heaven (a Parallel Us-Universe Space-Hymn) Speck re-mix by Anchor
Mon, Apr 6 5:22 AM Scomber review of the hike by shimoda
A real Panu journey
Mon, Apr 6 5:20 AM Scomber review of Gravity and Grace (with My Free Mickey) by SackJo22
Candy for my ears!. Stay safe guys
Mon, Apr 6 5:17 AM Scomber review of Peace and Agitation by Carosone
The title says it all. Lots of both, balanced into a fine creative work
Mon, Apr 6 5:15 AM Scomber review of SUPERPOWER (feat Siobhan Dakay) by Loveshadow
Earworm !
Mon, Apr 6 5:12 AM Scomber review of You Do You, Mana Junkie by essesq
Very creative!
Mon, Apr 6 5:10 AM Scomber review of I Float On (featuring Snowflake) by Speck
Very Speck. Very Snowflake
Mon, Apr 6 5:07 AM Scomber review of Closed on Sundays by Mana Junkie
This joint is definitely open for business !
Mon, Apr 6 5:05 AM Scomber review of dance like nobody's watching by panu
Please move along Sir, you cant own this genre too! Madness. Great mix Mr P
Mon, Apr 6 5:01 AM Scomber review of Choices Change by bangcorrupt
Nice chopping!