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Reviews left by Scomber

Wed, Apr 17 2:11 AM Scomber review of Oh, Love by texasradiofish
The richest most inexpensive thing I've heard!! Who needs anymore than 2 chords...
Sat, Apr 13 2:22 PM Scomber review of Oh Love by Stefan Kartenberg
Nice easy move forward, your guitars a great
Sat, Apr 13 2:16 PM Scomber review of Can't Not See 140 by Apoxode
Hear it! Massive collage and thanks for sharing the "drumental" its mental
Sun, Apr 7 5:36 PM Scomber review of Oh Love by lynndresel
Sun, Apr 7 5:23 PM Scomber review of Tiny Spaceships (DuckMatter Mix) by duckett
Nothing better than some old skool boom bap. Nice to the ears Duck!
Sun, Apr 7 5:21 PM Scomber review of Head Strong by J.Lang
Strong rap pella - we havent seen much rap of this quality recently on ccm - can...
Sun, Apr 7 5:18 PM Scomber review of Cold Ears-Come Inside Mix by J.Lang
Nice bass One of my fav mixes so far ! Nice work J
Sat, Apr 6 2:34 PM Scomber review of Kalte Ohren, Warme Herzen by Speck
kinda has some dark and menacing undertones
Sat, Apr 6 2:30 PM Scomber review of Come Inside by Snowflake
Very dreamy, well produced top shelf euro feel
Thu, Apr 4 4:19 AM Scomber review of imagination of the future by urmymuse
Seems so much faster than 120bpm! Diggn that layer cake as always!
Thu, Apr 4 4:16 AM Scomber review of The New Music House (It's Only Up From Here) by texasradiofish
You've given it a ZZ Top feel
Thu, Apr 4 4:15 AM Scomber review of The Thought Of The Absence by Radioontheshelf
Awesome take on those Brexit shenanigans
Tue, Apr 2 6:08 PM Scomber review of Black to the Night (Ducknetic Mix) by duckett
Always a nice surprise to be remixed by D. Great live impro feel with this one.....
Mon, Apr 1 3:48 PM Scomber review of eastern promises by panu
Exotic! Almost typed erotic ... that too !
Mon, Apr 1 3:42 PM Scomber review of Revelation by Rizkey G
Massive sound