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Reviews left by ScOmBer

Thu, Aug 12 3:08 PM ScOmBer review of Run Out Of Time by Zep Hurme
Man, nice bossa groove. Great build to the chorus and love the horns. Thanks mat...
Thu, Jul 29 12:12 AM ScOmBer review of Capricorn Heat by reiswerk
Dont know how i missed this! Great mello soundscape Thanks!
Tue, Jul 20 12:04 AM ScOmBer review of First Light At Cauliflower Pond by Speck
Goes together very well. Great piano tone!
Tue, Jul 20 12:01 AM ScOmBer review of 𝘮𝘪𝘹𝘵𝘶𝘳𝘦 by Apoxode
Rolls along very nicely
Mon, Jul 19 11:44 PM ScOmBer review of different trains by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Great beat splicing and the spoken word works really well
Mon, Jul 19 11:42 PM ScOmBer review of With These Wings by essesq
Soaring very high with this E! Love it!
Mon, Jul 19 11:40 PM ScOmBer review of Lost by sparky
Dark and very tasty
Mon, Jul 19 11:34 PM ScOmBer review of The Elephant In the Room (Is Dancing) by Mana Junkie
Love the groooove
Mon, Jul 19 11:33 PM ScOmBer review of I'm Not Sure (Vanished Mix) by Siobhan Dakay
Very thoughtfully done and sounds outrageously good in my headphones. On repeat
Mon, Jul 19 11:31 PM ScOmBer review of Too Far Away -The Long Ride Home Mix by J.Lang
Great additions man!
Mon, Jul 19 11:29 PM ScOmBer review of Magic Unfolds by Kara Square
Great lyrics and phrasing Kara. Perfect!
Mon, Jul 19 9:01 PM ScOmBer review of Lights Writing by Milky_Blue
Very nice
Mon, Jul 19 7:14 PM ScOmBer review of Perspective by bangcorrupt
Nice, clear and crisp!
Mon, Jul 19 7:11 PM ScOmBer review of Truth and Fact by mykleanthony
Wonderfully warm backing to Karas great voice. Well done mate
Mon, Jul 19 4:14 AM ScOmBer review of Love Will Be by Loveshadow
Really takes me back to Paris early naughties surrounded by faux leather and sha...