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Reviews left by Scomber

Wed, Jan 13 4:07 AM Scomber review of Sally on the corner by Stefan Kartenberg
God knows how I missed this one! Very dramatic and tender all rolled into one. T...
Wed, Jan 13 2:12 AM Scomber review of Graf Dracula by Stefan Kartenberg
Love them chord progressions up the wheel, feel like im chained to it! Great s...
Sat, Jan 2 12:43 PM Scomber review of Starry Night by Snowflake
Very hymn like, twists and turns like a celestial dancer :)
Sat, Jan 2 12:30 PM Scomber review of Life in the industry by Carosone
Nice synth and the mix sits nicely together :)
Sat, Jan 2 12:27 PM Scomber review of Message From The Planet by Radioontheshelf
As always your story telling lyrics add so well to a great backing
Sat, Jan 2 12:23 PM Scomber review of baby please dont go by Stefan Kartenberg
Foot tapping and head nodding goodness
Thu, Dec 31 2:15 PM Scomber review of Happy New Year by Loveshadow
Your voice soars beautifully and is full of optimism - just what we all need to ...
Tue, Dec 29 1:06 PM Scomber review of Too Far Away by Darkroom
Great anthem sound. Keys are much more free than drawing on a midi piano roll
Tue, Dec 15 2:07 AM Scomber review of Sharp Tool by Admiral Bob
Love the lyrics mate, and your ongoing pledge not to leave any mixter behind. Th...
Tue, Dec 15 1:05 AM Scomber review of Tina Gill by Stefan Kartenberg
Love Javs voice and this is one of my favourites. Great job Stef love the rhythm
Sun, Dec 13 6:20 PM Scomber review of Dub Junkie by bangcorrupt
Great dub groove, lots of twists and turns
Sun, Dec 13 6:18 PM Scomber review of Kung Fu Xaphoon by septahelix
Dissonance a plenty but a strange hold together spine I can't quite put my finge...
Sun, Dec 13 6:16 PM Scomber review of My Longing Christmas Memories by gurdonark
An incredible sonic journey and a masterclass in the minimal. Love it G!
Sun, Dec 13 6:14 PM Scomber review of Severed Roots by Kara Square
Very sad to hear about your father Kara :( A brutally honest reflection of the...
Sun, Dec 13 6:11 PM Scomber review of Silly Monkey 2020 by mwic
Nice to hear some humour :) Wonderful delivery