Reviews left by Scomber

Thu, Apr 5 8:24 PM Scomber review of We Had It Goin' On by rightClk
I'm right clickn on this one P!
Thu, Apr 5 8:20 PM Scomber review of With The Look In Your Eyes by Loveshadow
Ha! LS with a growl in his voice! Awesome vocal and lyrics make this a virtual ...
Thu, Apr 5 4:50 AM Scomber review of It is pretty to think by Stefan Kartenberg
So glad you posted the stems. Tasty!
Thu, Apr 5 4:47 AM Scomber review of Way Out Here by Dan_Mantau
Cyrstal clear production
Thu, Apr 5 4:42 AM Scomber review of Cold Chance by Speck
Love how the subby sounds play with the wide delay in my headphones creating an ...
Sun, Mar 11 1:14 PM Scomber review of All the Lines by Admiral Bob
Wow You're a songwriting machine. Another hit and none left behind!
Sun, Mar 11 1:11 PM Scomber review of Dark Clouds (Interstellar) by duckett
Massive sound Duckett!
Sun, Mar 11 1:09 PM Scomber review of Unbury Your Heart by Siobhan Dakay
Those horns in the chorus are the icing on the cake!
Sun, Mar 11 1:03 PM Scomber review of Broken by Admiral Bob
Not broken at all!
Sun, Mar 11 1:01 PM Scomber review of Running by Snowflake
Filmic. That beat!
Sun, Mar 11 12:56 PM Scomber review of Yesterday's Secret by texasradiofish
Where can I get me some of those worm burgers? Think you just solved CCM's fundi...
Sun, Mar 11 12:48 PM Scomber review of The Abstract Audio Mix by Stefan Kartenberg
Best ever. Loving every bit
Sun, Mar 11 12:43 PM Scomber review of Tabloid Conspiracy (Don' Wanna Di) by Mr_Yesterday
Ha forgot about that old track! Cool. Fast tempo works really well. Thanks so mu...
Sun, Mar 11 12:37 PM Scomber review of Unfinished Soldier by Admiral Bob
Sun, Mar 11 12:34 PM Scomber review of Why Jazz? by onlymeith