inTENtions Remix Event

Reviews left by Scomber

Tue, Jun 18 2:18 PM Scomber review of ccMixter Intensity by texasradiofish
Love what you've done here guys. Fortunately I was indeed wearing pants during t...
Mon, Jun 17 12:09 AM Scomber review of intensity up to TEN by Admiral Bob
Awesome groove AB! Thanks :)
Mon, Jun 17 12:08 AM Scomber review of inTENsity (Whitewolf's Rock-Hop) by Whitewolf225
That was quick off the blocks! Nice hip hop rock thanks for the remix mate
Mon, Jun 10 6:01 PM Scomber review of Good Intentions by Snowflake
Can't wait to hear your scratch remix against spins track. As always, authentic,...
Mon, Jun 10 5:58 PM Scomber review of Fish in the Sea by Admiral Bob
An unnerving sense of urgency in the delivery and message. This is great!
Mon, Jun 10 5:57 PM Scomber review of Focus on Love by Kara Square
I'm with AB - excellent recording. You shine so bright with that uke in your arm...
Mon, Jun 10 5:53 PM Scomber review of hate loses. . . . . by panu
Love your melody mate! And those lyrics - anyone that can include Willie Nelson ...
Mon, Jun 10 5:50 PM Scomber review of Distant Lands by spinningmerkaba
Top shelf Jason. I'm sure we will get some great interpretations for this
Mon, Jun 10 5:48 PM Scomber review of One True Connection by Loveshadow
So much class, restraint and feeling here I'm really just lost for words. Listen...
Mon, Jun 10 5:43 PM Scomber review of Secrets of Egypt by Michael Burnz
Love the flow. I second AB - Great to have a fresh rap Pell for this event! Res...
Mon, Jun 10 5:41 PM Scomber review of Hurricane by Patronski
Awesome to the point lyrics and outstanding delivery from Brad. Congrats!
Mon, Jun 10 5:39 PM Scomber review of Coming Home by SackJo22
Magical! Love the harmonies
Sun, May 26 7:02 PM Scomber review of Flesh Colored Tights After Forty by Speck
"Shoes not the only things flopping" Great lyrics, paints a picture in my hea...
Sun, May 26 6:25 PM Scomber review of Getting Old by Dan_Mantau
Hey Dan, a quadruple treat! Awesome interweave of four distinct genres! Thanks ...
Fri, May 24 3:12 AM Scomber review of Not You Again (Whitewolf Redux) by Whitewolf225
Nice guitar work Whitewolf. Thanks for remixing this dark pella. Cheers S