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Reviews left by Scomber

Wed, Sep 5 3:48 PM Scomber review of Funk Interlude by Dysfunction_AL
Wow, god knows how I missed this one???Awesome!!!
Sat, Aug 18 4:37 PM Scomber review of finger food by panu
Finger food is best served at all ten year old birthday parties so I can eat and...
Mon, Jul 30 7:07 PM Scomber review of Crazy Love by Zep Hurme
Dont know how I missed this! Crazy awesome energy. Love u to post a backing or s...
Mon, Jul 23 9:02 PM Scomber review of Jazz Noodles by Javolenus
Mon, Jul 23 3:39 PM Scomber review of Shifting Steel by Zep Hurme
Very cool! So glad you went with the band name "Zep Hurme and the center for dis...
Fri, Jul 13 5:15 AM Scomber review of Girl We've Just Begun by Loveshadow
Ha Got me dancing LS!
Thu, Jul 12 7:33 PM Scomber review of now by SackJo22
Nice to see you back Susan with an important well delivered message. Nice!
Tue, Jul 10 4:46 PM Scomber review of What You Looking For by mykleanthony
Nothing like some mykleamthony smooth emotion You are right, you can easily ge...
Tue, Jul 10 4:43 PM Scomber review of Wash of Blue by Admiral Bob
Love those guitar noodles AB!
Mon, Jul 9 2:42 PM Scomber review of LAST DAZE by Robbero
Love how the rhythm funks out towards the end. Bravo!
Mon, Jul 9 2:40 PM Scomber review of Hope Is A Dangerous Thing (Vo1k1 Mix) by vo1k1
Massive soundscape. Love the way it changes and transforms during the song
Mon, Jul 9 2:38 PM Scomber review of Mathilde (bleu) by Siobhan Dakay
This is dripping with emotion and atmosphere. Love your arrangement and the fina...
Mon, Jul 9 2:36 PM Scomber review of up by Vidian
Kept waiting for the big Vidian drop but it never came - and it didn't matter! Y...
Mon, Jul 9 2:32 PM Scomber review of April II by Calyman
Nice adds!
Mon, Jul 9 2:31 PM Scomber review of Love Like The Shifting Sun by spinningmerkaba
Really enjoyed this Jason, a challenge remixing Roberto with all his luscious li...