Yin of Yang Mixing In Progress

Reviews left by salvatore_j

Wed, Jul 20 9:39 PM salvatore_j review of Duyan by madelissima
Hi there Friend,, Please see this as constructive, all here to help..... You...
Wed, Jul 20 8:45 PM salvatore_j review of One Heart Of Stars by Loveshadow
Hey there LS,,, Song is Awesome. Elegant and Defined, as usual.... Even witho...
Thu, Jul 14 7:27 PM salvatore_j review of I Will Writhe (A Capella) by SackJo22
Umm, I'm feeling this one!!!
Thu, Jul 14 8:34 AM salvatore_j review of Fish by Morusque
Sampling,editing,arrangement, creativity; ALL, at it's finest!!!
Thu, Jul 14 8:25 AM salvatore_j review of Kill Kill Kill (Rap) by Robbero
What you did here is fantastic and my first ever enjoying this style genera. Co...
Thu, Jul 14 7:57 AM salvatore_j review of Hard_Moon by mdp
NICE!!!! Fantastic transitions, and, wonderfully pleasant imaging.
Mon, Jul 11 11:05 AM salvatore_j review of Damage Is Done by Alex
Brilliantly Done, though it is missing one thing!!! --- a few good-old vinyls ...
Thu, Jun 30 1:51 PM salvatore_j review of alien signal 002 by mario bonaparte
Adding a DC waveform (Saw) to the low frequency in stereo did make it COMPLETELY...
Thu, Jun 30 11:03 AM salvatore_j review of Three Down Six Up (So Carry On) by Speck
Thu, Jun 30 10:48 AM salvatore_j review of Unnamed #5 (Robbero Remix) by Robbero
This is Hot, could be hotter---- Let loose!!! Lots of synced off-time panning de...
Thu, Jun 30 10:29 AM salvatore_j review of do you even know by septahelix
Strangely delicious - loved it...
Thu, Jun 30 10:17 AM salvatore_j review of CSoul Sample Pack 003 a by CSoul
Great work. very interesting..
Sun, Mar 6 6:23 AM salvatore_j review of Snowflake - To This (The song) (Base Mode Remix) by Base Mode
Hi Snowflake, O My, This is stunning. Vocal recorded absolutely fab.... smoo...
Mon, Dec 27 1:14 AM salvatore_j review of Dragonfly by texasradiofish
OMG---WOW, What "POWERHOUSE" Dynamics. Sal
Sat, Dec 25 3:36 AM salvatore_j review of Sooner Or Later (The Spark That Thought Mix) by The Spark That Thought
Super!! and very well thought out.