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Reviews left by salvatore_j

Sat, May 19 9:15 AM salvatore_j review of B116-StrummySongChords by Javolenus
Nice Piece!!! Distortion hear and there with stool creaks, (though unheard), ...
Thu, May 10 4:02 AM salvatore_j review of FIRE BLUE ~in progress~ by sLow_starteR
Undeniably platinum here... lol... thanks for using stem,, fun stuff... Sal
Wed, May 9 5:22 AM salvatore_j review of Relaxed Artifacts by Super_Sigil
Nice,,, wet is perfect!!..
Tue, May 8 3:40 AM salvatore_j review of E110-UnrealBlues by Javolenus
Sat, May 5 8:02 AM salvatore_j review of Humpty Dumpty Samples by sbenrap
Hey sbenrap,,, a bleated thank you for the recommendations and a bigger thanks ...
Mon, Apr 30 1:23 AM salvatore_j review of Like Music by phasenwandler
Geez,,, what an arraignment... Titanic PROPS!!!!!
Mon, Apr 30 12:53 AM salvatore_j review of Soundcheck with Javolenus by copperhead
Great Disco track,,,,lol... Super work Copper Head!!!. Um-mm,, maybe cons...
Mon, Apr 30 12:21 AM salvatore_j review of yahoootroll by Jeris
Simply Awesome,,, leaves none from getting board....
Mon, Apr 30 12:14 AM salvatore_j review of PROTEUS by Jeris
Out-there GREAT!!!
Mon, Apr 30 12:12 AM salvatore_j review of the house through the windows by waterpartys
Thu, Dec 15 7:28 PM salvatore_j review of Shine by Snowflake
SO Nice, SO good,,,, Me want stereo,,, Me make into stereo--lol Hugs, SJ
Thu, Dec 15 7:21 PM salvatore_j review of Best Time of the Year by Snowflake
Simply LOVELY.......
Thu, Dec 15 7:20 PM salvatore_j review of Rhea Dreamin by Calyman
Complex work,,, done well...
Thu, Dec 15 7:18 PM salvatore_j review of one way by pielkor
Very Nice Work, my 2 cents worth: snowflakes vocal and scores last verse/outro...
Tue, Dec 13 5:07 PM salvatore_j review of Simple Things (complex mix) by stellarartwars
Nice tune,, The melody has got something special... i would love to work wit...