Quintessential Solstice Event

Reviews left by rightClk

Wed, Apr 4 6:19 AM rightClk review of Happy End by Stefan Kartenberg
Great mix. Hope this encourages luckyka to upload more acapellas. . . .
Mon, Apr 2 12:41 PM rightClk review of damn. by grapes
Excellent soundscape for ER's Flute.
Mon, Apr 2 12:35 PM rightClk review of the look in your eyes ... by urmymuse
Always a plus when you hear OP 12 string. +
Mon, Apr 2 12:32 PM rightClk review of Dance in the Rain (Breaking Sound) by kthugha
Mon, Apr 2 12:31 PM rightClk review of Imperfect World (Stellarartwars Remix) by The Third Mind
Good on ya! Excellent mix.
Mon, Apr 2 12:29 PM rightClk review of Seasons Of A Lifetime by Aussens@iter
Excellent from start to finish.
Mon, Apr 2 12:15 PM rightClk review of It is pretty to think by luckyka
This is well written & recorded, too. Listeners have to click on 'download', th...
Sat, Mar 31 7:05 AM rightClk review of Heart on Redial by Rewob
10 out 0f 10. . .
Tue, Mar 27 1:57 PM rightClk review of Noir Rouge by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Good stuff. . . .
Fri, Mar 23 10:52 AM rightClk review of Jam It by Stefan Kartenberg
Outstanding presence in the drums. A++
Tue, Mar 20 7:52 AM rightClk review of 9 Cephei by Quarkstar
Really excellent. . . . .
Tue, Mar 20 7:43 AM rightClk review of Djasons Djent by Aussens@iter
Excellent detail in all freq ranges, dynamics likewise. Especially noteworthy c...