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Reviews left by remaxim

Tue, Jun 3 11:27 AM remaxim review of Already Born by Asalvatore118
It's really not what I've been expecting after the first few seconds of the trac...
Mon, Jul 22 8:19 AM remaxim review of Freshly Prepared Natty Five Minute Business Platter by DFF_Sound_System
Nice one!! I really like the 170 BPM part very much! Thanks for great remix!
Tue, Oct 9 7:13 PM remaxim review of Beautiful Sapphira Nights by Ivan Chew
I like it! The only thing is that it seems to have quite much dissonance in it,...
Mon, Jun 28 10:48 AM remaxim review of Torque of Love (Part I of III, Ballistics of Love) by Ivan Chew
This sounds great Very cinematic. Especially the drums give a lot of flavor to...
Sun, Jun 20 2:53 AM remaxim review of beatFlows by airtone
great tune very relaxing
Sun, Jun 20 2:19 AM remaxim review of Briefly, Us by Ivan Chew
Ok, give me some minutes to realise what you actually did there ... It sound...
Sun, May 2 10:44 AM remaxim review of The Legend by DJ.E-State
Damn nice melody and drums. It is stuck in my head now and I feel like listeni...
Thu, Oct 29 8:35 AM remaxim review of smile by Speck
I want you to write soundtracks ... this sounds amazing
Sun, Oct 4 3:59 AM remaxim review of A Thought by Pitx
sounds great who actually needs remixes if the original sounds like that?
Tue, Sep 29 8:55 AM remaxim review of unusual by Speck
I actually imagined the pella to be used is some similar way to this one when I ...
Sat, Sep 12 6:25 AM remaxim review of my sky burning blue by urmymuse
a wonderful, melancholic and patient remix The thing that makes this remix g...
Wed, Sep 9 1:33 PM remaxim review of Nice Bird by short hopper
nice one I really dig your style. Your transitions are terrific
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