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Reviews left by radiotimes

Tue, Sep 18 3:51 AM radiotimes review of Music Through Love by Kara Square
Just magical!
Tue, Sep 18 3:48 AM radiotimes review of Holes by Zep Hurme
Great treatment of the vocal and a fantastic musical landscape you've put it in....
Tue, Sep 18 3:40 AM radiotimes review of Feels Like Underwater by Admiral Bob
I thought I'd heard the last of Calendar Girl remixes a long time ago! But it...
Tue, Sep 18 3:29 AM radiotimes review of The Complete Sigmund Freud Ballads by Anchor
Yes these piano pieces are very nice and I'm glad to see they have been put to g...
Mon, Sep 17 10:56 PM radiotimes review of Heart of the Swamp by Admiral Bob
Well I don't know who was not able to remix me but whoever it was I would like t...
Sun, Sep 16 6:25 PM radiotimes review of Living next door to Alex by rocavaco
Great change of pace in this very classy mix
Sun, Sep 16 5:53 PM radiotimes review of Good Company by copperhead
Glad to see you took this Secret Mixter thing seriously! A traditional theme ...
Sun, Sep 16 5:36 PM radiotimes review of Airtone AmpTest by TheDICE
Got everything to make a nice mix and for most this upload would be good enough ...
Sun, Sep 16 5:19 PM radiotimes review of Let's Have Safe Sex (improved Real Woman Mix) by robwalkerpoet
Great idea and very well executed. All the one eyed carrots salute you!!
Sat, Sep 15 3:30 AM radiotimes review of Dust from the Stars - Vocals + Loops by Team Smile and Nod
Original and musical as always with beautiful vocals
Sat, Sep 15 3:29 AM radiotimes review of 35 years Multi Track Drums by copperhead
Thanks for sharing and taking the time to upload the separate stems.
Sat, Sep 15 3:21 AM radiotimes review of Aura Bass by AT
Love that bass! Not sure about the drums! Whatever I think it needs a good R...
Sat, Sep 15 2:37 AM radiotimes review of I Want To Love You (Folk Club Mix) by Javolenus
I'm glad you did it like this leaving so much space. I would have been tempted t...
Thu, Sep 13 5:34 PM radiotimes review of Island by L_Cooper
Lovely vocal tones. It would be nice if you could share some more!
Thu, Sep 13 5:08 PM radiotimes review of Officer Down by Loveshadow
You've really made Ciggi sound super smooth ( not that I think you're a bit of r...