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Mon, Jan 11 2:44 AM error404 review of contradictions by airtone
Thank YOU!!!!
Fri, Jan 8 2:59 PM error404 review of The Earth Is My Church by panu
Whoooahh it hard ... Bangin hard head. I love your music Panu freedom... In B...
Wed, Jan 6 7:55 AM error404 review of Distillation by gurdonark
This is a miracle. Have stepped into another dimension, though. Stunning, quiet ...
Thu, Dec 31 3:11 PM error404 review of Happy New Year Castro Bistro by Budapest BluesBoy
Az állam leesikk....most értem haza...a Szakállam bedurrant(gyomrom gatya)......
Sun, Dec 27 2:44 AM error404 review of Suicide Bird by morgantj
That was quick ...:) I love the old and the new things assembling ... Thank you ...
Sat, Dec 26 8:53 AM error404 review of Persephone (Catullus Mix) by Budapest BluesBoy
Peter's unique sound ... Very nice deep voice is pleasant for the harp ... .. Th...
Thu, Dec 24 12:30 PM error404 review of Santa Claus goes 2 Nirvana by Budapest BluesBoy
Boldog Karácsonyt Péter!
Thu, Dec 24 12:11 PM error404 review of Moonlight Drive with SackJo22 by timberman
Stunning, beautiful song by Paul feel like it ...:) Merry Christmas everyone ..
Tue, Dec 22 3:24 AM error404 review of My last song by Fireproof_Babies
Hard! I like it!!! Whow whow..Whow ...Whoooahh..Tool :P
Sun, Dec 20 10:52 AM error404 review of PARIS / INSTRUMENTAL by BOCrew
Cité Université 2006 dec.:)
Thu, Dec 17 4:54 AM error404 review of Daradehogymé? by DadiC
Isten hozott Dadic...:) Szerintem meg istenkirály I think the best rap lyric...
Tue, Dec 15 12:33 AM error404 review of Pure Love by CiggiBurns
Goodish the voice with a pleasant Ciggi & Panu. Excellent violins ...:) Thank yo...
Mon, Dec 14 3:56 AM error404 review of Spirits of the Dead(s.thaens) by stefsax
Brass on Fire!:) Like it!!!
Sun, Dec 13 1:19 AM error404 review of Undertaker's Daughter by logos
Sun, Dec 13 1:14 AM error404 review of dissembling (Denial Remix) by Vidian
I'm not sure that I can write clearly, but I like the sound torn. Excellent work...