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Reviews left by plurgid

Mon, Jan 14 7:28 PM plurgid review of My Apocalypse Now (Vertical Split Mix) Vocal by Kaer Trouz
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
Wed, Dec 19 10:42 AM plurgid review of Oh Lord (On Time Mix) by Numeron
this is really nice. my only nit is the verb on the snare, I don't know why i...
Mon, Dec 10 3:21 PM plurgid review of Missing You [Kor.] by billdhk
I enjoy it as well, though not understanding the lyrics.
Mon, Dec 10 3:13 PM plurgid review of soul's on fire brain is dead by coldblades07
Mon, Dec 10 3:07 PM plurgid review of Waitin For The Sound by Abhi S.V.
Yo ... this is wicked, man! seemless, and with a lil' krunk flair.
Mon, Dec 10 2:40 PM plurgid review of September (Lonely Cafe mix) by babble
Mon, Dec 10 2:20 PM plurgid review of doulce Octobre by oldDog
AWESOME like micro-house style beat going on in the background. Perfect just lik...
Mon, Dec 10 2:07 PM plurgid review of waitin? by Analog By Nature
understated coolness. neat.
Mon, Dec 10 1:55 PM plurgid review of Mini Mixter Market Mix (Just 4 Fun) by ditto ditto
FUN ... that's the word. love it!
Mon, Dec 10 1:48 PM plurgid review of Duckett _ ya cant deny (DjiZ better recording rmx) by Kwame
instant head-bob sweet.
Mon, Dec 10 12:47 PM plurgid review of Word Virus by artemisstrong
really interesting textures, the sections keep it from being too abstract. nice ...
Sun, Dec 9 7:04 PM plurgid review of still i by sleeperspaceborn
Damn, 23000 times? I wish I could make a track like that just once! :-) I lov...
Thu, Dec 6 1:12 PM plurgid review of You Asked For It (Fonik vs. Totonho mix) by duckett
funky as hell. love it.
Thu, Dec 6 11:58 AM plurgid review of Modern Age by radiotimes
your accordian or melotron or whatever synth line at the top is really nice.
Tue, Dec 4 9:13 AM plurgid review of Open Your Eyes (in the name of love) by Analog By Nature
damn ... this is smooth and chilly. I thought it was DJ Blue at first ... lol. ...